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In this revealing Hybrid Learning Discussion, you’ll hear a blow-by-blow description of the many right moves the district made to solve their learning challenges

These administrators are among the finest education minds in the country, and you’ll enjoy this frank and free-ranging discussion

See ways to maximize the benefits of professional development, with some quality step-by-step methodology that you can take back to your own school or district immediately

n the world of digital curriculum, understanding is the key to an increased learning opportunity for every student

Explore the changes we need to see to make grading and assessment practices more equitable, and the role that technology can (and does) play in this process

"Every site is different, with what technology is being used and what tools are at your disposal. And really, all that matters is using that technology to reach our students and to help bridge this gap in education right now"

One of the greatest challenges among educators during this time of hybrid/remote learning is the ability to engage learners, and to understand the level of engagement

Research shows that student motivation is difficult to achieve for many remote learners, so you’ll need every edge you can get. This educator discussion will give you the tools that you need to make it happen

There is much good news for our special needs learners, and the focus on technology has done wonders to not only maintain, but improve the learning situation for this population. You’ll want to watch every minute of this very special session, and share the good news in your own school or district.