Activities 2020-21

Activities 2020-21

Digital Learning Experience Standards Discussions

Instructional Design Model & Grant Challenge

EduJedi Dictionary Definitions Discussions

Participations & Training

Education Chairman:
Chris McMurray,
VP EduJedi Leadership,

Counselor & Former
Assistant Superintendent,
Evergreen Public Schools,
Seattle, WA
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Webcam Meetings on the draft EduJedi Digital Learning Experience Standards
Webcam Meetings on the draft EduJedi Model of Instructional Design
Webcam Meetings on Dictionary Definitions Refinement & Additions
Participate/Speak in Regional Discussion Events
(We look forward to reengaging with physically attended events in Fall 2021, meanwhile, all regions continue with 2-day virtuals.)
EduJedi Training Courses inside Knowstory Group

The EduJedi Leadership Society needs all members to participate as much as possible to continue important work. Our coordinators gain sponsorship to create meetings and deliver valuable resources when you participate and interact.

The work in 2020-21 includes:

Spreading the news of the EduJedi Model of instructional design and testing it.
Refining the Digital Learning Experience Standards and getting them out and used by more schools and districts.
Getting the Dictionary out helping educators everywhere, plus refining and adding new sections.
Continuing to recruit and train new EduJedi.
Making a big deal about innovators at our national Gathering and sending the news out across all our readership and other media channels.
Continuing to research and map out the Hybrid Logistics Interchange software build-out in

Previously Contributing EduJedi Leaders

Dr. Karla Burkholder
Director of Instructional Technology
Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District, San Antonio, TX

Dr. Jasna Aliefendic
Technology Applications Coordinator
Garland Independent School District, Garland, TX

Dr. Kristy Sailors
Director of Instructional Technology
Eanes Independent School District, Austin, TX

Peter Haapala
Retired Superintendnet
Warroad Public Schools, MN
Haapala Services LLC