2015 Learning Counsel Discussion Meetings Launch in Seattle, Washington

Cebron Walker


SEATTLE, WA.— The hurdles being faced throughout the education system in the transition to digital curriculum were the focus at the Learning Counsel’s first discussion meeting of 2015 at T-Mobile Headquarters in Seattle Washington.

Over forty superintendents, principals, teachers, IT Directors and leaders from the publishing and technology industry gathered for a day of meetings, briefings on strategy and discussions on implementation techniques to successfully transition to digital curriculum.

“There is a lot of depth to this strategy conversation. What matters in this discussion is what works to bring us to the goal of a sound, working digital curriculum to best utilize the myriad of technology to engage students effectively to stimulate and effect real learning,” said Leilani Cauthen, CEO of the Learning Counsel. “School and learning have the potential to be the ‘hub’ of culture in our new future. But our systems must now follow what is already embedded in social trends, embrace it and step up to lead.”

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