50+ Houston Charter Schools Launch a Common Online Application through SchoolMint

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An increasing number of cities partner with SchoolMint to meet demand for a more accessible and equitable application process for families

Houston’s Families Empowered is the latest organization to partner with SchoolMint, the leading provider of cloud-based strategic enrollment management software for PreK-12 school systems worldwide, to launch a common online application for its city’s charter schools. In addition to Houston, SchoolMint’s common online application for charter schools has been implemented in cities with some of the highest percentages of charter enrollment nationwide, including Boston, Kansas City, New York City, Oakland, Rochester, St. Louis, and West Contra Costa. Growing parent demand for a more equitable and accessible application process is prompting multiple regions nationwide to provide a common application system, which improves and simplifies the enrollment experience for parents.

“Organizations in an increasing number of cities like Houston are recognizing the need to provide a streamlined application process for families submitting applications to multiple schools,” said Jinal Jhaveri, founder and CEO of SchoolMint. “A common online application eases the burden placed on families each year to navigate, select, and then apply to schools for their child.”

Created by non-profit Families Empowered, Apply Houston is a partnership between multiple public charter school networks designed to streamline the PreK-12 school application process. Parents looking for school options can fill out one application and apply to any or all of the 50-plus participating schools. The Apply Houston application takes parents approximately 10 minutes to complete, can be accessed on mobile devices, and is available in multiple languages.

“Apply Houston was born out of the need to make the school choice process more accessible and equitable for all Houston families,” said Rachael Dempsey, spokesperson for Families Empowered. “SchoolMint’s experience implementing a common application in other cities, as well as the platform’s overall ease of use for families, will help us meet this goal as we work to make Apply Houston a citywide initiative and the go-to destination for parents applying to schools.”

As school choice becomes more prevalent, SchoolMint is also partnering with an increasing number of schools districts such as Camden City School District, Chicago Public Schools, and Denver Public Schools to provide a robust set of tools allowing parents to easily research and compare school options and efficiently complete the school selection, application, and registration processes for their child. “As more school systems across the country are interested in providing a more simplified, equitable enrollment experience for their parents, we don’t see this trend slowing down,” said Jhaveri.

To learn more about SchoolMint, visit http://www.schoolmint.com.

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