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Actively Learn, Achieve3000’s research-based, standards-aligned curriculum platform, announces the release of new sequenced curricular units: Actively Learn ELA, Actively Learn Social Studies, and Actively Learn Science. Educators can now purchase these singular units instead of having to pay for access content they may not need. These subject area products make it possible to make tight budgets go further while addressing the specific needs of core content area teachers and facilitating an enhanced search experience.

“This new focus enables Actively Learn to better address the distinct needs of ELA, social studies, and science teachers. They can create interactive, multi-media assignments in each content area providing engagement and focus where needed.” said Jay Goyal, President at Actively Learn.



For each core content area, Actively Learn provides a full year of sequenced curricular units that leverage the breadth and depth of its catalog and allow for deeper knowledge in each subject.

  • Actively Learn ELA equips students to become better readers, writers, and thinkers by embedding rigorous instruction into short stories, current events, articles, close reading excerpts and even full-length novels.
  • Actively Learn Social Studies drives deep engagement in history and civics with primary sources, trustworthy textbook articles, and the digital version of We The People. The content is vetted by subject matter experts to ensure accuracy and trustworthiness.
  • Actively Learn Science brings interaction and engagement to students’ understanding of the natural world. Simulations, videos, high-interest articles, and textbook sections cover all core topics in integrated science, chemistry, biology and physics.

Beginning fall 2020, assignments will be aligned to all state standards for ELA, science, and social studies. Educators can also customize instruction and import their own resources to take advantage of embedded collaboration and support features. The Actively Learn platform integrates with Google Classroom and Canvas to support in-school and at-home learning.

About Achieve3000

Achieve3000 partners with educators to deliver a powerful learning platform that significantly accelerates literacy and deepens learning across the content areas. Our personalized, differentiated digital solutions provide equity both in the classroom and at home, enabling teachers to seamlessly help all students achieve accelerated growth. For more than four million students in grades PreK-12, Achieve3000 improves high-stakes test performance and drives college and career readiness.

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