ADVANCEfeedback’s award-winning video software supports educators’ self-reflection, peer feedback, and instructional coaching.

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12-word description of app/product:

ADVANCEfeedback’s award-winning video software supports educators’ self-reflection, peer feedback, and instructional coaching.


The Web-based platform is accessible from any Internet connected device: Windows, Mac OS, and mobile browsers. There is also a mobile app for iOS devices that makes capturing, uploading, and sharing teachers’ videos swift and easy.


What does it help with?

Insight ADVANCE’s suite of products supports educator growth through observer calibration; high-quality, targeted feedback; and professional development. ADVANCEfeedback supports districts’ instructional coaching programs, new teacher induction, PLCs, teacher mentor programs, networked improvement communities, leadership development, and more. Users have access to both asynchronous and new synchronous video features with the newly announced ADVANCElive feature.

What grade and age range?

K-12, higher education, schools of education, and educator coaching organizations.

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what?

Professional learning and development.

What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to?

ADVANCEfeeback’s flexibility enables support for common or custom frameworks and rubrics.

What lesson time does it use?

Very little set-up time is needed. Simply launch the mobile app to record your lesson. Once a teacher captures her lesson, it’s easy to upload and share with other teachers, coaches, administrators, or custom cohorts and PLCs.

What is the pricing model?

Pricing is set per user, per year. The ADVANCEfeedback iOS app is free. Contact Insight ADVANCE to learn more.  

Are there services around it?

ADVANCEconcierge guides educators every step of the way for successful implementation of the platform. The team is made up of former educators who are passionate about using video to drive educator growth. They have been teachers, coaches, principals, and CAOs. District and school customers are assigned a dedicated implementation manager who partners with them to design a custom implementation and training plan. Ongoing support is provided via phone, email, and live chat.

What makes ADVANCEfeedback unique?

The Insight ADVANCE Suite offers educators the opportunity to improve their practice and, ultimately, student achievement through video-based self-reflection, peer-to-peer collaboration, and coaching. Educators can use uploaded videos of their practice, including classroom instruction, coaching conversations, or professional development, to share with colleagues and coaches for detailed and specific feedback. ADVANCEfeedback’s new ADVANCElive features make it truly unique—providing even greater opportunities for live coaching with one-to-one and one-to-many meetings and trainings that can be recorded and archived.

As one superintendent said, “ADVANCEfeedback is the answer we're looking for in education. It provides the teachers the avenue to see instructional strategies come to life in their classroom or someone else's classroom and see how students are engaged or unengaged and how we can make things better.”

Teacher reviews:

“ADVANCEfeedback is the next generation of professional development. It allows us to individualize professional learning for all teachers. Professional development is really expensive—with ADVANCEfeedback we're able to directly target certain needs of our teachers and our schools.” — Brenda Schrantz, Assistant Superintendent, Laurens County School District 56

“Our teachers are excited about using ADVANCEfeedback and video, because more than anything it removes the ‘gotcha’ piece. Video shows us clearly what is and isn’t working. The product helps to create a rubric-based, growth-focused dialogue between the teacher and administrator.” —Kathryn Procope, Head of School, Howard University Middle School

“What led us to using ADVANCEfeedback was the need to utilize technology and focus on growth, giving ongoing feedback to teachers without adding extra people or time.” —Dennis Dotterer, Executive Director, SC TIF, South Carolina Department of Education

“I can't imagine teaching, training, and supporting teachers without ADVANCEfeedback. The mobile app makes the teacher's workflow easier and more efficient, which should mean more videos are created for self-reflection, peer collaboration and coaching.” —Rebekah Ralph, Instructor of Edtech and edTPA Coordinator, Department of Education at LaGrange College

“As one of five districts focused on the recruitment, development, and retention of teachers and school leaders by way of the E3 Grant from the U.S. Department of Education, we are already seeing the benefits of using the ADVANCEfeedback video software for instructional coaching and improving teacher practice. The ability to provide additional opportunities for coaching and professional learning using ADVANCElive in the same platform will be a game-changer for our rural district, as well as other districts in our networked improvement community.” —Dr. Kandace Bethea, Superintendent, Marion County Public Schools




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