An animated series that shows struggling students the power of human connection

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My Life is Worth Living™ is the first animated series that models the human connection shown to be protective against suicide and enhance mental health. The videos tell stories of relatable, diverse characters who face difficult issues, such as abuse, bullying, and sexual identity, and shows their evolution in the key decision: that life is worth living.

In five powerful stories told over twenty short episodes, each teen wrestles with challenges that can be familiar for many viewers and discovers strategies to cope when it feels like their own thoughts are against them. Each teen learns that support can come from people they least expect, and the comfort of an empathetic person can provide relief they didn’t think possible.

Developed with guidance from former President of the American Association of Suicidology, Dr. James Mazza, and a team of adolescent mental health experts, My Life is Worth Living models positive, research-based mental health skills for seventh- to twelfth-grades. Each episode is accompanied by extension lessons for educators to use with students in the classroom and at home in partnership with families. The state-of-the-art animation was produced by Wonder Media, led by CEO Terry Thoren, former CEO of Klasky Csupo, the company that created Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys




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My Life is Worth Living works to eradicate suicide and assist adolescents, their families and educators with teen mental health and wellness. As the teens learn to share their burdens, cope in healthy ways, and accept support, that self-critical voice becomes less intrusive, and those bad situations become more hopeful. They learn that life at times can seem bleak, and that negative thoughts are often part of the experience, but also that we all deserve love and support, that no situation is hopeless, and that their lives are worth living.