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Formats: Plotagon is available as a free downloadable application for iOS from the iTunes Store. For Mac and Windows it is available from the Plotagon website.

They are currently developing an Android version of Plotagon that will be specifically optimized to work with Android on Chrome, Google’s solution to run downloadable apps on Chromebooks in the classroom. They expect to have this ready in Q3 2016.

All of the content on Plotagon is stored locally, so users can make their characters and videos even when they are offline. The activities that require an Internet connection are downloading new content (characters, scenes, clothing, sounds, music) and publishing content online.

Education users can upload their completed movies to the Plotagon servers to share with their teachers, or they can save them to a local or network disk (or iOS Camera roll) and share as their schools permit.

There is also a separate version of Plotagon for iOS called Animate Your Classroom which is available on iTunes.

Unlike the regular version of Plotagon Education, Animate Your Classroom has no account logins and is designed for schools that have shared iPads. Each user can simply pick up an iPad, create a movie, and then save the completed video to the device’s camera roll. This version is only available from the iTunes Store (List Price $9.99), and volume purchase discounts are available.

Plotagon in the Classroom

Increasingly educators are publishing their own Plotagon how-to guides and best practices, and sharing lesson plans with other teachers. Here are a few recent examples:

● Marcus Birkenkrahe, Berlin School of Economics and Law (Germany):

● Tim Elge, Aurora High School (Nebraska, USA):

● Karen Eini, Ruppin Academic Center (Israel):

Plotagon is launching a new Education Community initiative over the coming months to help connect teachers and students worldwide and help them incorporate Plotagon into their classrooms.


There is a free consumer version to get started with and pilot.

Teachers and schools can purchase licenses for classroom use. They accept credit cards, wire transfers, and Purchase Orders. You can visit the Plotagon Education site for more information and a link to the online store:

More Info

To find out more about how teachers are using Plotagon or to become a member of the Plotagon community, you can visit

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