Arizona’s Buckeye Union High School District Takes Fun and Excitement to the Nth Degree


If excitement and enthusiasm can rev up learning, then the students at Buckeye Union High School District are learning in overdrive. By any measure, this Arizona district is driving learning as well as any district in the country. They are people-centric, passionate and enthusiastic in a big (and loud) way, and make no apologies for it.

Superintendent and chief drum-beater Eric Godfrey wouldn’t have it any other way. And don’t let his t-shirt and flip flops fool you. He may look laid back, but five seconds into this video and you’ll know that this superintendent drives passion and performance into everything he does.

Godfrey loves exciting the crowd, and that excitement is contagious from his actions to the stories he tells. “I heard this story one time and I paraphrased it, but here's this student one day that's walking down the hallway,” said Godfrey. “It could be graduation, could be the end of the day, wherever you put the scenario. But she runs and catches up to one of her favorite teachers. She says, ‘Hey, thanks for all the help you've given.’ The teacher replies back, ‘Man, that really made my day.’ And you know those days, don't you? Oh, somebody finally appreciates what I do. And then the girl with a smile on her face and a smile on her heart looks at the teacher and says, ‘You made my life.’

“And that's what this thing's all about,” said Godfrey. “We are in the kid business and we need to do the kid business awesome every single day with our best efforts. And we need to learn and grow together and not be afraid to take a chance, not be afraid to take a risk, not be afraid to show up at a national convention and flip flops. This is about let's go get something done and get it done fast.”

Watch the video

You’ll enjoy this video. It’s a not so subtle reminder that learning should be fun and exciting, and that our students take their cues from us. Buckeye Union High School District takes the fun and excitement to the Nth degree. And why shouldn’t they? And come to think of it, why shouldn’t we?

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