Austin ISD Is Personalizing Literacy Instruction

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85,000 students now have access to thousands of digital books with implementation of MyON

myON, leading provider of personalized literacy solutions for the K-12 marketplace, today announced its partnership with Austin Independent School District (AISD) on a new district-wide implementation for 2017. The district chose myON to help fulfill its mission of providing access to multicultural, published books to support the practice of structured independent reading for all students.  

Since an initial pilot program last summer, AISD has expanded its use of the myON personalized digital literacy environment to include access for every administrator and all students within their district.

“When we tested myON as part of AISD’s 5-Book Summer Dive to reduce the summer slide in literacy, we were working to close the literacy gap with enjoyable and easily accessible summer reading options for our students,” said Dr. Paul Cruz, the superintendent of AISD. “Now we’re increasing our efforts to provide equal reading access for every student in the Austin School District. In this way, we believe we are on the path to true literacy equity.”    

AISD’s collaboration with myON aims to empower their students with access to more than 7,000 fiction and nonfiction books. The books can be accessed online or via an offline mobile app from school or home, and offer a vast variety of texts for all interests and reading levels.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Austin ISD,” said Todd Brekhus, the CEO of myON. “Our digital literacy environment is customizing the reading experience for thousands of students and teachers by providing personalized, independent reading in a structured, measurable format.”

The myON implementation is a component of AISD’s overall literacy initiative to ensure students are reading on or above grade level. Dr. Cruz and his administrators are working to provide expanded access to books, professional development, and community engagement support as part of the district’s overall literacy efforts.

“If we can offer our kids easy access, not only to the books they need, but to the books they’re really interested in, I know we’ll continue to inspire their passion for reading, which will in turn improve their overall academic achievement,” concluded Dr. Cruz.

AISD includes 130 school communities within its district. Its mission to provide a comprehensive educational experience that is high-quality, challenging, and inspiring to all students has helped rank many of AISD’s high schools among the best in the nation, according to U.S News and World Report.


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