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A little practical advice goes a long way. In this discussion, panel host Bari Gersten, Education Marketing Manager at ViewSonic shares a lot of good, practical advice for making technology within the classroom easier and more accessible. According to Gersten, “There's always going to be several minutes where we have to gather all of the students together and focus in on the topic or the goals and objectives of that day. So that large format display is super important. We would purchase new, but a lot of classrooms already have the updated interactive front panel for the front of the room. We also need opportunities where students can share and communicate their work and their ideas in real time. Students are going to be working at different projects. People are going to be on different things throughout the day, but we want to see what students are doing. We also want to have easy access to resources that teachers are already using. It's been a stressful two years. We want to make sure that teachers feel at ease so that any new technology we bring into the classroom, any new software we bring into the classroom, that it interacts with things we're already familiar with.

“Teachers love interactive simulation for science and math. Those are things that need to work with whatever new technology we bring into the room. And we also need these huddle spaces for small group collaboration. We've known that students learn best in these small groups. And so we need to create more interactive zones for them to do this. And we always want to have a simple platform for teachers, admin and students to communicate and collaborate. I love the idea of the flexible classroom,  flexible technology and also flexible furniture.

“We have a video assisted learning library, and these are educationally curated videos. No ads and everything has been checked to make sure that it is suitable for children. You can add questions throughout the video to check for understanding.”

Don’t miss this informative discussion. Going back into the classroom shouldn’t be hard. Keep it simple and watch this video to make sure you have exactly what you need to make it easy.


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