BenQ’s EW800ST Smart Projector Transforms Classrooms into Collaborative Blended Learning Spaces

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BenQ’s EW800ST smart projector is the first education projector to feature cloud account integration, screen-mirroring capabilities, smart app capability, and internet and wireless connectivity to promote diversified teaching and blended learning in K-12 classrooms. Providing long-lasting uninterrupted instruction with Dust Guard technology and Lamp Save mode, the short-throw projector lets teachers and students break away from a one-way lecturing mode and overcome challenges posed by location, tools, and course content. Students are able to explore lessons on devices they’re familiar with, communicate and share freely, as well as collaborate with others.


Formats/platforms used:

BenQ EW800ST operates on the Android system and can natively access Firefox, TeamView, Blizz, Microsoft files, YouTube Video, Google Docs and OneDrive File Sharing.


Primary website’s URL:


Problem solved:

Half of all schools have adopted the blended learning approach because most educators believe that combining traditional classroom learning with interactivity and online learning helps students perform better, and most students feel more comfortable expressing themselves in that kind of environment. The BenQ EW800ST interactive projector provides all the tools teachers need to easily create a more dynamic and interactive environment that blended classrooms require. With a range of onboard apps and tools, it removes the constraints and frustrations of presenting from a single device while allowing students to participate. They can focus on the students, monitoring their comprehension and naturally encourage interaction to build better connections with materials and learning concepts. With the EW800ST, the classroom is more progressive and student-centric — a place where the focus is not on the teacher, and where students are encouraged to collaborate, and problem solve on their own.

Grade/age rande:

The BenQ EW800ST complements any classroom, from introducing foundational concepts for kindergarteners in a fun and exciting way to secondary students in middle school and high school who will need to easily understand more complex subjects and interact with content from their own device.


Additional benefits:

BenQ’s EW800ST smart projector was designed to solve hardware connectivity obstacles while opening up the classroom display for any student to share. It features support for HID-compliant mice, giving students complete control of onscreen content, as well as wireless projection from many different sources, allowing students to share their ideas without having to plug in or unplug devices. Infographic Mode can enhance teaching materials, making them clearer, more accurate, and more lifelike, so that students can see more clearly and learn more effectively. In addition, the projector’s engine is IP5X-certified for complete protection against hair, dust, and other matter. As a result, the projector delivers a vivid and color-accurate image that lasts for years and teachers don’t have to worry about interruptions due to projector problems.


BenQ’s EW800ST is designed to create a blended learning classroom out of the box. With a range of apps, direct web browser access, BYOD support, and color accuracy, it’s perfectly suited for any subject, from kindergarten circle time to AP biology lab.


Lessons time needed:

The BenQ EW800ST doesn’t require any instructional lessons or training time. It is designed with teachers in mind so classrooms can easily and affordably transition to blended learning environments without complex setups or extensive training.

Pricing models:

BenQ’s EW800ST retails for $999.


What makes BenQ’s EW800ST Smart Projector unique?

BenQ EW800ST smart projector is an affordable, long-lasting solution to transforming traditional classrooms into blended learning spaces. Not only does it include all the tools teachers need to easily share their materials from cloud storage and opening up the floor to students to participate and interact, but it is also designed with longevity in mind. By incorporating IP5X-certified dustproof technology, it can work for years without the dust problems that plague traditional projectors.



The EW800ST from BenQ is designed for users to operate intuitively with minimal to no training. Built around the familiar Android platform, teachers and students can navigate between options with ease and efficiency. Teachers can also download the compatible BenQ Smart Control app to their smartphone or tablet and use it to control the EW800ST projector. By using a personal device they’re familiar with, BenQ Smart Control makes class time a naturally interactive environment in which the focus shifts from the lecturer to the learners. In addition, it integrates with teachers’ personal cloud storage. By either simply scanning an onscreen QR Code or logging in manually, teachers can access their personal cloud storage, allowing them to manage their materials for both online and face-to-face classes in one place, simplifying their workflow and saving time. It also features X-Sign Broadcast, BenQ’s wireless system that distributes important messages to the displays and projectors around the school. For example, staff can schedule messages or send immediate announcements, either to individual classrooms or to every class throughout the school.

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