The Best App to Improve Student Well-being and SEL in K-12 Education

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When students feel better, they learn better. School Day asks students questions about their well-being, analyzes the data, and provides real-time insight. The service highlights what’s going well in the classroom and provides easily implementable strategies. From the classroom to school and district level, School Day help students and educators around the world learn how wellbeing improves learning outcomes.


What formats/platforms are used? 

Web Browser, Desktop Windows, Desktop MAC, Mobile Android, Mobile iOS, Microsoft Teams


What is your primary website’s URL?


Problem solved:

Social-emotional learning (SEL) and student well-being


Grade or age range

Elementary, Middle School, High School


Core or supplemental:

Developing core needs of students
School Day addresses the core well-being needs of students by measuring and developing their social-emotional skills. This helps them understand and manage their own feelings, as well as how they interact with others. Skills that they will benefit from both at school and in every other aspect of their life.

Weekly feedback including concrete improvement ideas, helps students autonomously learn about and better their well-being anywhere any time, not just in class.

School Day has been developed with inclusivity and accessibility at the core and is suitable for kids with different needs. The product is available on several platforms, questions are designed for and tested with different age groups and children with learning disabilities, and tools such as the immersive reader makes the product more accessible for students with vision impairments.

PD available:

School Day helps teachers lean about the importance of SEL, how it affects learning, and create strategies tailored for their students’ needs. The platform provides data and practical tools for timely and effective interventions and helps increase transparency and open discussion in the classroom.

Weekly class highlights include descriptions of why a certain topic is important as well as suggestions on how to discuss and improve issues together with students.


Subject or topic:

SEL, Casel, OECD


Lesson time needed:

15 minutes per week, one 45-minute lesson per month


Pricing model:

Free for teachers. Paid plans for schools and districts.

Teacher signup:

Book a demo and further inquiries:

Additional services included:

Free SEL lesson plans and content cards. We also provide a free PD course on SEL and well-being:


What makes School Day unique? 

Combines student voice into actionable SEL intervention strategies and lesson plans. Insights and analytics for schools and districts. 



Fully optimized mobile and web experiences. Separate user interfaces for students, teachers and school staff and leaders. Guided step-by-step tutorials and videos. UX and UI continuously co-created, designed and developed together with our end users.


This is what users are saying:

“A way to check in with the students without face-to-face checking in with them. Helpful when in quarantine, but also when students are uncomfortable with what’s on their mind and find it difficult to share their feelings.”

- 2nd grade teacher, New Jersey