Best Practices for Mitigating Learning Loss


According to Shannon Buerk, the CEO at engage2learn, “This is all about a culture shift, right? So essentially, we've been modeling, what we need to do to personalize the classroom. And so, I'm going to jump on the Sage on the stage with you and say, ‘look, we can't personalize the classroom until we personalize professional learning, because what we're doing in whole group lecture format for teachers is going to be replicated in the classroom.’ So, we can't blame teachers for not figuring out how to individualize and personalize if at a leadership level, we're not doing the same thing in terms of professional learning for our adult learners. And so, making sure that we are personalizing for them, individualizing. And the only way to do that is through coaching.”

Join Shannon Buerk and LeiLani Cauthen, CEO at the Learning Counsel for this eye-opening Lunch and Learn presentation on mitigating learning loss. Find out what is working and, perhaps equally important, what is not working during this uneasy time of pandemic learning. There is much to take in here, and your learners are sure to be the beneficiaries.


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