Blackboard to Launch New Blackboard Learn Skill for Amazon Alexa

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New Alexa skill will simplify learners' educational experience with increased access to Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Inc., a leading education technology company for teaching, learning and student engagement, today announced plans to launch the new Blackboard Learn skill for Amazon Alexa. This new integration will allow learners to seamlessly access information pertaining to coursework on Blackboard Learn—the Company's flagship Learning Management System—through any Amazon Alexa-enabled device while going about their daily activities. 

"Today's students want—and expect—to stay connected to their educational experience whether they're at home, on the go, or in the classroom," said Kathy Vieira, Chief Strategy, Portfolio & Marketing Officer at Blackboard. "We're committed to helping learners seamlessly integrate their studies into their everyday lives and our collaboration with Amazon Alexa is another way that we are helping to enhance this experience for learners everywhere."

The initial rollout of the Blackboard Learn skill for Alexa will enable learners to access information about their student profile and coursework by asking simple questions such as, "Alexa, what homework do I have due this week?" and "Alexa, when is my history paper due?" Eventually, the skill will expand to offer information on course announcements, messages, and grades. To activate the skill, learners can link their Amazon account to their Blackboard account. Institutions using either Blackboard Learn Original or Learn Ultra, the next-generation user experience, can activate the skill.

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