Bloomz Consolidates all School Communication with Parents, Students, and Staff in one Place

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Bloomz is the mobile and web app that allows teachers to share instant messages, announcements, photos, calendars, volunteer and conference sign-ups, student portfolios, and more through one easy-to-use interface. Teachers can control who can reach them and when without shutting down the communication pipeline, and with the recent addition of Robocalling, Bloomz is truly a comprehensive solution to school-wide communication.

Free to use for parents and teachers, Bloomz creates a private and secure environment for their community to thrive in. Online portfolios mean that assignments don’t get lost, helping to make distance learning as painless as possible. With the ability to translate more than 100 languages, Bloomz makes sure that even language barriers can’t get in the way of school communication.

Administrators use the app to track parental involvement through engagement reports, gain visibility into classroom communications, and target specific audiences for announcements by sending information to individuals, specific classrooms, or the whole school or district.


Formats/platforms used:

PC or Mac (via web browser), iOS, Android


Primary website URL:



Problem solved:

The abundance of communication apps in schools is getting in the way of parental engagement. Bloomz administrators increase parent involvement by consolidating all these different, single-featured apps into one complete, easy-to-use platform.

Used by more than 4 million people, Bloomz offers parents a virtual seat in the classroom through daily updates in the form of robocalling, instant messaging, pictures, and videos. This leads to increased engagement across the whole community. Schools using Bloomz report increased attendance at events such as PTO meetings, community food drives, school carnivals, and more.

Teachers enjoy the ability to reach parents with a range of options all consolidated in one secure, easy-to-use interface. Integrated behavior tracking and classroom management tools keep parents up-to-date and help teachers address potential issues before they become problems.

Administrators appreciate the confidence a secure communication tool provides and the supercharged community engagement Bloomz facilitates.


Grades/age range:

Bloomz helps teachers as well as school and district administrators in all grades, from preschool to high school.


Ease of use:

Bloomz was built similarly to modern social networks in that it is easy to learn and use – no special training needed. However, we do provide support articles and online tutorials and webinars to help ease onboarding and continued use.



Pricing models:

Bloomz is free for teachers and parents to use, with available upgrades for extra capacity and features. School administrators can also subscribe to enable school-wide communication and oversight.


What makes Bloomz unique?

No other app on the market consolidates communication and engagement functionality to the degree that Bloomz does, allowing administrators to centralize all other communication channels to one platform.



The app is mobile-first and ease of use is their top priority. It consolidates all types of communications, whether simple updates, announcements, alerts, event calendars, or signup forms, while also incorporating classroom management tools like behavior and student portfolios. Modern social media platforms provided a starting point for the design and engineering teams to understand how today’s students and parents communicate. Bloomz adds some ‘magic dust’ in all of its core functionality to make it unique and effortless.

Bloomz understand, too, that good design is a never-ending process. In fact, only 5 years after our initial launch, they recently released a complete redesign of our app to update it to current design trends and add improvements and features based on teacher and parent feedback.


Here’s what users are saying:

“I LOVE Bloomz!!! Prior to Bloomz, I would send group text messages, as well as individual text messages daily to the parents of my students. My phone would only allow me to have 10 people in a text string. As a result, I had to have three parent groups. I would copy and paste my updates to each string so that all parents received the same information. Bloomz simplified my life! Now, I can send one message and all parents receive it. I had at least one parent from every household in my classroom subscribe to my Bloomz account. They stayed up to date daily. I posted Spelling words every Sunday night that were to be studied during the following week. My students were rewarded with Wildcat Cash for extending their learning by doing DreamBox. I posted how much cash was received for the learning time they did on DreamBox. I posted pictures of the children when they had a birthday, were doing learning activities in our room, or participated in fun events that we celebrated. Bloomz was a great tool to update parents on school events, too. I could share links and so much information with parents via the Bloomz app!”

--Kathy Parish, 1st Grade Teacher, Waters Elementary


“Bloomz has been a wonderful tool. There are many features that allow me to communicate effectively with the families that I serve. I can easily send a post to all families in order to update them on any variety of topics--upcoming classroom or school activities, daily classroom learning, school calendar notices etc. I can easily snap a photo of students engaged in learning and fun and send the pictures from my phone to each family who has joined my Bloomz. The families really seem to enjoy seeing their children in action within the classroom.”

-- Amy Mockert, 3rd Grade Teacher, Waters Elementary

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