Bloomz Offers Class Messenger Users a One-Click Transition to Keep Communication Going After Shutdown

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Educators can easily import their class and parent information, and automatically invite their classroom parents to the new app

The classroom communication app Class Messenger announced on its blog that it would permanently shut down its service on December 23, leaving thousands of users without a communication tool for their classroom right before the holiday break.

In order to help these users transition to the second half of the school year, the all-in-one parent communication app Bloomz has stepped up to offer an easy way for teachers and parents who had been using Class Messenger to keep in touch without missing a step. Bloomz CEO Chaks Appalabattula said, “Lots of Class Messenger users were naturally finding their way to Bloomz to transition their classes, so we wanted to offer them a path to keep their communication going with an easy migration.”

Today, Bloomz published a page that helps current Class Messenger users transition their classes and parent information into the Bloomz app with only one click.  “We are enabling an easy and secure pass-through of information, so their users can sign up for an account now and test the app before they import their class and invite parents,” said Appalabattula.

Bloomz supports SMS/Text signups and notifications, as well as translation to more than 80 languages, making it easier for parents to receive communications. “With Bloomz, these teachers will not only keep a channel of communication with parents, but will also gain in other community and coordination capabilities, including calendaring, parent-teacher conference and volunteer signups, behavior management and student-led portfolios,” Appalabattula added.

Jenn S. a teacher from an elementary school in the Pittsburg area, used to be a Class Messenger user, along with other teachers in her school. After hearing about their shutdown, she had to find an alternative for her school quickly, so she downloaded and tried 10 different apps. “We found that Bloomz met our current expectation, but even better. It is more organized and user-friendly,” she wrote in a blog post. “As inconvenient as it is to choose a new app, this was a blessing in disguise because it gave me the opportunity to see what else was out there, and I found something better that would fit my needs.”

Bloomz, which offers its service for free, wants incoming teachers and parents to know that the company is here for the long run. “Bloomz has huge momentum behind it,” said Appalabattula.  “We closed a round of funding in May 2016, and have gained recognition in the industry, winning Product of the Year from EdTech Digest and, more recently, being shortlisted in the Reimagine Education Awards 2016. This is an amazing time for Bloomz, and both our investors and our users should have the peace of mind that we are here to stay.”

Users from Class Messenger who want to transition to Bloomz can go to to create their free Bloomz account and transfer their information before the December 23 deadline. School administrators interested in transitioning their school to Bloomz can sign up for a demo webinar at

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