Boclips for Teachers provides educators curated educational videos for all ages and subjects.

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12 word description of app/product:

Boclips for Teachers provides educators curated educational videos for all ages and subjects.


Formats: Website




What does it help with?

Boclips for Teachers helps educators provide age-appropriate and expertly sourced and curated video content that supplements lessons and enriches student comprehension. Short-form videos help keep students’ attention. The search function helps educators navigate to specific lesson topics based on desired learning outcomes.


What grade and age range?  K-12 and higher ed


Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what?

Supplemental: Boclips for Teachers provides vetted video content for students of all ages and subjects.


What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to?

All subjects and ages. The videos provide content in line with Common Core State Standards.


What lesson time does it use?

The videos are generally between five to 10 minutes in length so that only absolutely necessary information is shared in class. This allows educators to increase student engagement in a topic by incorporating splashes of visual components that will deepen students’ understanding of complex topics and boost engagement. The search function and quality of the collection saves educators time trying to find valuable, relevant content.


What is the pricing model?

All educators that sign up for a Boclips for Teachers account before June 30, 2019, will have a full year to use the platform free of charge.


Are there services around it?

Boclips for Teachers offers new users a video- and webinar-based introduction to the platform to allow teachers to find the best videos for their lessons. Users can take advantage of customer support services or access a library of knowledge base articles to find answers to common questions. The Boclips Community also facilitates conversations between users and offers resources for using video for a range of outcomes across all subjects and age levels.


What makes Boclips for Teachers unique?

Boclips for Teachers saves educators the time it takes to wade through thousands of online videos, and gives them peace of mind that the commercial-free videos will be appropriate to the subject and age group and have no copyright issues. Educators can collect relevant videos into collections to have ready in their lesson plan. Boclips believes that, with the help of more than 120 content partners, great video can spark imaginations and inspire students, whatever they’re studying, wherever they are.


A description of the characteristics--how is it designed for user interface, user experience? What instructional design principles are at work here?

Educational content is easy to find, share and organize. The interface is clean and simple, with a search function that allows users to easily search an extensive library of instructional content, along with a separate page for current affairs to discover relevant news stories. Videos come with captions and transcripts so that they are accessible to students.

Teachers can create their own video collections to share with students, or view collections made by other teachers to find structured, topic-aligned content. They can also share and utilize videos by copying links and including in lesson plans, their LMS, or homework software.


Teacher reviews:

“Teachers can use Boclips to support student learning by providing students with entertaining educational videos that support state standards. Used as part of a just-in-time direct instruction routine, students can benefit from discovering the power of video to enhance and extend their learning. Teachers will love Boclips for the variety of subject matter and the quality information in the videos.” —Ana Hale, Instructional Technology Specialist, Kennesaw State University

“The Boclips program presents a great opportunity for the implementation of technology across the curriculum. Furthermore, it benefits both the teaching and learning process. … The simple research request gives more than 500 examples of clips that correlated with the requested topic and students' grade level. Moreover, the search engine is simple to use and quick, which gives a teacher the opportunity to sort all suggestions to ensure a better understanding of a requested topic. … Boclips’ online program creates an opportunity to make the learning process more interactive and will support students' active learning across the curriculum.” —Tetyana Escoto, Virtual Teacher, Academia Virtual Education

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