Book Retriever is a classroom library manager that helps student literacy

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Book Retriever is a SaaS application dedicated to helping teachers find the right book for each individual student. Classroom teachers often have a large collection of books in their room that students can checkout to read. Most teachers have a poor organizational system and struggle to find books that improve the reading skills of all their students. The Book Retriever application catalogs their physical library and allows them to track which student has which book checked-out. The database of books includes over 600,000 leveled books. A teacher can view the reading history of a student and find their next checkout based on the leveling information. This ensures every student is checking out a book they’ll want to read and will improve their skills.


Formats Used:

Web-based, any computer with a browser.

Book Retriever Scanning App is a supplemental app that runs on iOS, Android and Kindle.


Primary URL:


Problem solved:

Book Retriever allows a teacher to organize their library, track student checkouts and reduce the number of lost books. But more importantly, it allows the teacher to the find the right book for each individual student. A teacher can view a student’s reading history and then filter their library down to the titles that the student will want to read and are capable of reading. This ensures each student improves their reading skills to read at grade level.


User age range:

Typically K-8


Pricing model:

Solo is $36 per year per library.

School & District version is $60 per year per library, and $2 per student per year.