Bretford Unveils Expanded Suite of Mobile Device Charging Solutions at ISTE 2018

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New Products Empower Device Sharing, Portable Active Charging, Easy Storage and More


CHICAGO – June 25, 2018 – Inspired by insights from educators and administrators across the country, Bretford is introducing additions and upgrades to its family of mobile device charging products at ISTE 2018. This growing product suite – which includes active, passive and portable charging solutions – is designed to complement and empower schools’ evolving technology strategies.  
“Our ecosystem of charging solutions enables classrooms to solve the growing need to manage, power and store mobile devices,” said Chris Petrick, Bretford’s CEO. “We know that while each school is unique in how it deploys technology in the classroom, the challenge of keeping devices powered and ready for student use is universal. Our comprehensive line of charging solutions helps meet all of these needs and challenges.”  
First unveiled at ISTE 2017, Bretford’s latest iteration of its TechGuard Connect® charging lockers offers expanded features including an integrated 5” touchscreen, with an easy-to-use interface, and RFID-powered check-in/check-out functionality. Check-In/Check-Out mode turns TechGuard Connect into a self-service kiosk, allowing users to check out available devices on a loaner-basis with existing RFID cards, use the mobile device for a set period of time, then check it back in, providing school districts with accountability and traceability of their managed devices.
“With the proliferation of technology in the classroom, there is a growing need for solutions that can alleviate the IT burden of managing and distributing mobile devices on a large scale,” Petrick said. “TechGuard Connect’s new Check-In/Check-Out functionality achieves this, keeping devices powered and ready to go, without the need for available staff to facilitate the loan.”
TechGuard Connect lockers can be customized with schools’ logos, and painted in one of 16 colors. TechGuard Connect, when paired with Bretford Connect, allows users to select from
Check-In/Check-Out, Assigned Mode and Shared Mode. Assigned Mode allows administrators to assign a specific bay to a specific user, much like schools assign traditional lockers. Shared Mode allows devices to be conveniently charged in any available bay. After the device is charged and removed, the bay is available for the next user. TechGuard Connect lockers simplify technology deployments with the power of a smart, cloud-based management system, Bretford Connect. With Bretford Connect, administrators manage lockers and users, access a robust log of locker and device usage, and scale updates and usage to thousands of lockers, all from a centralized interface, accessible from anywhere.
Other new Bretford products on display at ISTE include:  

  •  Juice® Mobile Power – This category-creating mobile power system, with proprietary FLI Charge technology, delivers a safe, effective, flexible way to turn a single outlet into a power source for the entire classroom or office, at a fraction of the cost of a retrofit. Delivering safe DC power in a lightweight, portable track and pod system, it can be set up in any space that has a traditional three-pronged electrical outlet and can fit any room configuration.  


  •  CUBE Toploader and CUBE Toploader Mini – The CUBE family, Bretford’s line-up of budget-friendly charging stations, carts and trays, now features an expanded toploading option. The CUBE Toploader offers secure storage and charging, with a convenient toploading option for ease of accessibility from three sides. It is available in 16 unique colors and two size options, accommodating 20, 24, 26 and 40 devices, all in a compact footprint.  

To see the line of Bretford products in action, visit the Bretford Booth #1703 on the ISTE show floor or visit for a virtual demo.   
About Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. Bretford is a leading manufacturer of technology solutions that solve the growing need to physically manage, charge and store mobile devices. In classrooms. In businesses. In healthcare. Bretford delivers nearly seven decades of expertise dedicated to the design and manufacture of technology solutions that enhance everyday productivity. Offering the widest selection of footprints and capacities to fit any project requirements. Bretford, headquartered outside of Chicago, Illinois, offers comprehensive solutions that are designed and manufactured in the U.S.

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