Bricks to Bytes Instruction During a Pandemic


There is so much to be learned during a pandemic, as the Berks Career and Technology Center shares in this very informative video. According to Michael Stein, M.S.Ed, Technology Integration Coach at Berks Career & Technology Center, “We are very hands-on in regards to how our students learn, and that had a deep impact when we went into 100% virtual. When we transitioned from there, we had all sorts of logistics that we had to deal with. As we opened up into this year, things loosened up a little bit, and some of our schools began to embrace more of a hybrid model of instruction where students were coming into class and also learning online. It really was an improvement from all virtual, but it still wasn't ideal because we had students that were not able to participate in a collaborative manner that we were accustomed to working on when it came to theory-based instruction and providing that information. So, as we moved through the fall, we began to explore how we could take all of that hybrid instruction and get everyone more in alignment with delivering that instruction to our students, so that it was more sequential so everyone was getting everything at the same time. And what we got to the point where we were teaching everything, both in the classroom and at home alive, in-person online and in-person synchronously.”

Follow the Technology Center’s journey through the pandemic. Many of the lessons learned can be applied to your own school or district, and they are freely shared and organized especially for your use.


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