Bumobrain is the perfect blend of virtual education and unplugged learning for little ones

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At BumoBrain, their philosophy is to create an inclusive environment that is centered on cultivating values in children. BumoBrain offers live online classes that are the closest thing to a real live classroom for early learners. It’s fun, interactive, hands-on, and engaging! Each class is a 30-minute session with small class sizes that have no more than 6 students. They have over 65 unique classes to choose from led by amazing teachers. There are over 65 unique live classes to choose from (STEM, Dance, Foreign Language, and more!) In addition to our live classes, they offer a Learning Program which is a monthly subscription to age-specific and unplugged activities your child can do at home. Coupled with the learning program, students can subscribe to a Bumobrain box so that they will never have to worry about craft materials again.


Primary website’s URL:



Problem solved:

BümoBrain brings exciting curriculum and unplugged activities to your children at the comfort of your home.


Grade/age ranges:

6 months to 7 years old.


Core or supplemental?

BümoBrain is a program that is fit for all kids. Whether they are looking for something full-time or supplemental. The Learning Program is on-demand so you can do the activities every day or as you please. Many parents use the Live Classes as extracurricular activities on top of their core learning program.



They cover all subjects, but have an emphasis on STEM & our Foreign Language Program.



Lesson time required:

Live Online classes are 30 minutes, but the Learning Program is really up to the student & parent. Some children use it for 30 mins a day and others use it for 2 hours.


Pricing model:

The learning program starts as low as $49/month. The Foreign Language Program and the Math Academy are monthly subscriptions that start at $199/month and includes 2 engaging 30-minute classes per week.

The live classes use a subscription model but you can also add on additional classes for $25 per class.

· The Starter Plan, $28/ Month, 1 class

· The Learner Plan, $99/ Month, 4 classes

· The Scholar Plan, $199/ Month, 9 classes

· The Brainiac Plan, $299/ Month, 16 classes


Additional services needed:

The company offers their BümoBrain Box to families that are signed up for their Learning Program. They ship out a box that includes all of the materials you need for the month which also comes with a surprise toy.


What makes BümoBrain unique?

Their subscription and live classes are both unique and captivating, blending virtual learning with unplugged activities.




Some characteristics of BümoBrain are bright, playful, and personable. The animations and videos are also carried throughout the design to bring those qualities through. The design is to be simple, but playful for users to interact and understand easily.


Here’s what users are saying:

“Her name is Caley, and she’s three and a half years old. We’re so happy to be apart of the BümoBrain family. We love how interactive each class is and how enthusiastic all the teachers are. Caley looks forward to her morning video every day, and she loves doing the arts and crafts. Prior to starting BümoBrain, Caley was only able to sing the ABC songs. Now, she is able to recognize letters and even write her own name.”

-- Courtney and Caley Wong, Parent and Student, BümoBrain Virtual School


“BümoBrain has become our daily learning routine in our home. We love BümoBrain because there are so many different classes from dancing to coding. Also, their live classes are very interactive, fun, and engaging. Adrina is currently in the Learning Program, and I’ve signed her up for many live classes as well. And recently, I’ve signed up for Foreign Language classes for Mandarin. Adrina looks forward to her live classes every day.”

-- Gloria and Adrina Mo, Parent and Student, BümoBrain Virtual School

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