Cahoots turns smartphones into a team intercom and emergency alert system

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Formats: App for iOS and Android devices.


In the chaos of today's world, where administrators need instant information and teachers need fast coordination, especially in the case of emergencies, here is a simple app to help.

What does it help with? Simple, cost-effect, real-time team communication.

Who is it for?  For staff and volunteers of any school, organization, or business.

What is the pricing model? If paid annually, $2 per person. For the cost of about 4 walkie-talkies, you can get 50 people in Cahoots for a year.

What makes Cahoots unique? Schools typically use an inefficient hodgepodge of texts, calls, emails, social apps, 2-way radios and running the halls to communicate. Cahoots provides a simple, cost-effective way to keep everyone informed and in sync with minimal classroom disruption. Because Cahoots turning the phones of administrators, teachers, and staff into a live team intercom, Cahoots lets team members hold down a button and speak instantly with any group or staff member. Emergency Mode gets the word out far and wide about an emergency or campus security threat, and an unlimited range keeps teams in touch when traveling off-campus.

A description of the characteristics--how is it designed for user interface, user experience? What instructional design principles are at work here?

  • One-touch voice intercom: Speak instantly with the exact group or person you need to reach
  • Precise and Non-Disruptive: Easily control what you hear and when
  • Emergency Mode: Widespread notification about emergencies and workplace security threats
  • History Bar: Rolling 24-hour info and replay of anything you miss
  • Unlimited range: Access to your team from anywhere, whether across the hall, across town, or across the world . . . wherever you have WiFi or cell coverage

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