Carolinas - Digital Experience Standards, New Model of Instructional Design and Dictionary Definitions Workshop


In the first half of our video, you’ll hear Chris McMurray, VP EduJedi Leadership at the Learning Counsel. In this Digital Experience Standards, New Model of Instructional Design and Dictionary Definitions Workshop, hosted by Chris McMurray, VP of EduJedi Leadership at the Learning Counsel, you’ll learn about standards for administrators and educators, as McMurray talks about a model for learning design that goes deeper than just digital literacy.

You’ll also have the opportunity to download a free copy of the newest version of the Edujedi Dictionary, a resource full of definitions for administrators, IT staff, and teachers.

According to McMurray, “As you start to build experiences for learners, it's important to understand which type of learning object you're using, because the engagement and the teachability of those learning objects increases as the sophistication increases. But then, so also does your time increase - in time not being spent planning or creating, but time actually working with the students and the learners.”

Take advantage of the resources around you. In the world of digital curriculum, understanding is the key to an increased learning opportunity for every student. Don’t miss this amazing presentation and download your copy of the new EduJedi Dictionary.

In the second half of our video, you’ll hear from Carter Dunbar, Director of Product Marketing from ID Automation. According to Carter, “I think back when I was in the classroom and I would have a class of say 30, if I have kids with IEP, if I have ELL students, GT students, whatever the case may be, I can't teach them exactly the same. It's not a one size fits all approach. At least I can't do that and actually maximize their potential, give them the education that they need. So, when we're talking hybrid logistics, if a student is in-person with a teacher led synchronous type modality, there are certain materials that are appropriate for that type of studying. However, if they move to an asynchronous model where they are remote and they don't have a teacher walking them through it, there's a whole different curriculum. It can't just be, take my presentation that I had in class that I could talk through and answer questions for. And just put that online.”

Learn about the fascinating world of digital identities and how this technology is making a significant difference in the education world. From highly secure student data to true personalization, the benefits of ID Automation will astound you, and create a whole new future for your learners.


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