CatchOn Becomes First Tool to Provide Usage Data from Every Device and Operating System Used by Schools

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Release of iOS solution makes CatchOn the only administrative tool capable of providing real-time evidence that proves how technology is being used across schools and classrooms

New apps, digital resources, and subscriptions abound in classrooms. Yet, district administrators are left with a limited picture of actual technology usage. CatchOn is addressing this disconnect by introducing its proprietary iOS solution, which provides the first-ever visibility into native app usage. CatchOn is now the only all-inclusive tool that provides real-time evidence to help administrators hone their classroom technology without interrupting teaching and learning.

“The addition of iOS means district leaders can use CatchOn to see 100 percent of activity on 100 percent of devices at their schools,” said Jena Draper, CEO of CatchOn Inc. “They can finally answer, with confidence, ‘Is our technology being used?’ and ‘What are students and teachers doing with the technology?’”    

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