CDI Launches a Chromebook Trade-In Program for Schools

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The Trade-In Program offers a free two-year warranty on new Chromebooks and removal and recycling of the old devices

CDI Computer Dealers has launched a Chromebook Trade-In Program that provides a hassle-free, environmentally-friendly way for schools to dispose of their aging Chromebooks and obtain a free two-year premium extended warranty on the new ones purchased from CDI (a value of $23 per device). To take advantage of this program, visit:

CDI, which has deployed more than 270,000 Chromebooks in schools, launched the Chromebook Trade-In Program in response to customer feedback as education IT leaders look for ways to dispose of old devices. Quick and simple to participate in, the Chromebook Trade-In Program offers interested individuals a website where they can fill out a brief online form providing details about the devices they want to trade in* and what type of Chromebook they’d like to purchase from CDI. They can choose from top brands such as eduGear, HP, Lenovo and Acer. CDI then arranges to pick up the old Chromebooks and recycles them at no cost to the school through Lifespan, its ITAD (I.T. Asset Disposition) company. The new Chromebooks come with a two-year warranty with a $0 Cost of Ownership Guarantee which helps customers lower and even eliminate maintenance costs.

“Chromebooks have become the digital learning device of choice for many schools because of their low total cost of ownership and ease of use,” said Glenn Collins, vice president of mobile computing at CDI. “Our Chromebook Trade-In Program will provide schools and districts with a convenient way to update their technology and get a great warranty on their new equipment,” Glenn added.

To date, CDI has helped 1,800 schools adopt Chromebooks in the classroom. CDI is a Google Education Partner and in addition to providing the devices, also supports schools with needs assessments, RFP assistance, professional development, software and custom app bundles for their Chromebook initiatives. To learn more about CDI’s Chromebook program, visit

To learn more about CDI Computer Dealers please visit:

*Trade-in Chromebooks must be in working condition and must be decommissioned from the customer Google Management Console to qualify.


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