The Choreful App makes activities motivating and fun for the whole family

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Have you ever wondered who actually does the most chores? Choreful lets you accurately track who takes on which household chores each day, week, and month.

Choreful can be used by the whole family, and custom chores can be added to promote desired behavior in kids/youth. A lot of users add "chores" related to homework, studying, reading and learning, as well as everyday household chores that teach kids a sense of responsibility.


Formats/platforms used:

iOS and Android


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Problem solved:

Choreful keeps track of who does what, and who does the most chores. By keeping score, the aim is to motivate you and your family to do chores, to help define family responsibilities more clearly and accurately, and to even add a bit of fun and good-natured competition to the equation.

This simple way of tracking which chores are done, and getting awarded points for them, helps:

- Motivate you to get things done

- Ensure that the other members of the household recognize the work you do

- Promote an equal distribution of housework

For kids, this app is useful to reward any activity you wish to see more of. Oftentimes this is related to education.




Grade/age range:

The app is suitable for everyone, but primarily kids old enough to read and write. For younger children the app can be used as well, but entries are maintained by their parents.


Interesting uses:

When it comes to kids, the app is often used to trigger them to get started on their schoolwork.

Many users focus on input rather than output when it comes to motivating their kids to do more work seems to give the best results.

So instead of rewarding a specific grade on a test, they reward the task of completing homework or studying. Example: Doing "10 minutes of studying" or "completing the day's homework" gives points in the app immediately, making it easier to get started since the reward is instant.

As with most other chores, getting started is the hardest part - so it's important to set a low bar to get the children started. One idea could be to have several "low-hanging fruits" to get the kids focused on schoolwork. This could be "Preparing the school bag for the next day", 5 points. "Studying 10 minutes", 10 points etc.

This "trick" works not only for kids and their homework, but for adults and chores as well. If you're not motivated to clean the whole house, do some of the smaller chores. Before you know it motivation follows and a couple of hours later the whole house is clean.

For many kids simply getting points in the app is enough motivation. A trick can be to reward them generously, so that by just doing homework and minor household tasks they can compete (and win) in Choreful.

Some users base the allowances on points in the app. This could be an additional motivation. Some examples of education related chores include:

- Homework

- Preparing the schoolbag for the next day

- Readying (anything)

- Watching educational channels on YouTube

It wouldn't have to be related directly to homework. Some users reward reading books in Choreful, and that they do it for any book - it could be Harry Potter or Warrior Cats or something else, with the aim being to promote reading as an activity.

The same can be for YouTube or other mediums as well. Example: Research relevant (and fun) educational YouTube channels, and add watching them as a chore in Choreful. Again, to reward a behavior that can trigger an interest in learning.


Subject or topic:

Choreful is a motivational app, and not directly linked to any specific topic. The app is customizable, and a lot of users choose to focus on education as the area to motivate the kids.


Lesson time needed:

The family can get started in a few minutes. Once the app is being used by the family, more time can be spent customizing it.


Pricing model:

It's a freemium model. The app can be used for free with some ads. If you purchase a premium subscription all ads disappear, and you can add an unlimited number of custom chores.


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