ClassDojo is a communication platform that helps teachers, parents and students create a community inside and around every classroom

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Formats: Web, iOs, Android, PC/Mac


What does it help with?

Teacher-parent-student communication that builds community: sharing skills students are built and classroom activities are supported through photos, videos, and messages

What grade and age range?


Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extra-curricular/professional development or what?

ClassDojo is the foundation upon which classroom communities are built. By making it easy for teachers, parents, and students to share more openly, more positively, and more often, supportive communities form in and around every classroom.

What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to?

As a communication platform, the primary aim of ClassDojo is to build community in and around every classroom. Teachers are able to share skills students are developing in classroom activities through photos, videos and messages. This also lets parents share in the moments of their child’s day which they otherwise wouldn’t see. Overall, the app allows teachers to create a caring community inside the classroom, and beyond it by bridging the gap between the classroom and home.

What is the pricing model?

Free for teachers. Optional paid features for schools or parents (coming in future).

Are there services around it?

Training and take-home packs for teachers that includes materials for students and parents -- downloadable at:  

What makes ClassDojo unique?

It Creates Community Within the Classroom:

  • Skills & values: teachers are able to encourage specific skills or values important to their classroom community.
  • Class Story: teachers can create a story of their classroom with photos and videos, which is shared with all connected parents. This replaces websites, email chains and newsletters.
  • Timelines: students can build up timelines of their classroom achievements to share with their parents.

It Creates Community Between the Classroom and Home

  • Instant messaging: teachers and parents can instantly message each other -- for free. Read receipts let teachers see when parents have read a message, and ‘quiet hours’ let teachers have a well-deserved break at home.
  • Photos & videos: teachers can share pictures and videos of everything that happens at school - from special moments to homework assignments -- so parents feel part of the day.
  • Translate: parents are able to view any post instantly in 35 languages.

It Creates Community Within Your School

See and connect with all the teachers in your school: teachers can see who else is using ClassDojo within their school so students experience a shared school culture


A teacher’s review:

Stephanie S., 4th Grade

Roy Waldron Elementary School, La Vergne, TN

"I have been using ClassDojo for five years - it's amazing! The first time I used it, I was in mid-year teaching an inclusion class with several students having behavioral difficulties. I kid you not when I say it completely changed the classroom dynamic! My students became more motivated, involved, and thrilled to learn because they were excited to see their progress on those softer skills that are so important -- like persistence. You could see the whole classroom dynamic begin to change. They started to encourage each other and really began to take ownership of their education!

The app itself has seen many additions over the years: messaging, photos, videos. What I’ve loved the most is that I am easily able to connect with parents and give them a glimpse into our classroom world. I post pictures and short videos to share with them, and the parents can "like" the posts. This is so powerful because parents become part of our community and see what we are working on, which helps bridge the gap between school and home. It’s created a real sense of team and community that wasn’t possible before when I had to wait for infrequent parent-teacher conferences that just didn’t allow for real connection. I can't wait to see what ClassDojo comes up with next.

Other teachers in my school heard how amazing it was for my class - and now our entire school uses and loves it!”

For more information about ClassDojo:

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