Cloud-based teaching, classroom management and online safety tools supporting in-person/remote learning

App of the Week is a simple yet effective, cloud-based teaching, classroom management and online safety tool to help support teaching in classrooms and with remote learners – making it perfect for blended learning and maintaining a safe online environment.

Installed onto students’ devices, the Student App provides teachers with a range of essential monitoring, control, collaboration and assessment features, to enable them to deliver engaging and meaningful learning experiences with students using a full mix of devices.

Teachers share their screen and audio with connected students to help show/talk them through explanations and lesson activities, as well as monitoring students’ screen activity, interact with them in real time via chat and messaging tools, answer help requests, gain instant feedback on topic understanding with class surveys, remote control their screen – and more!

Meanwhile, the online safety toolkit helps keep the school’s learning environment safe and protects students at all times and by monitoring online activity, identifying students at risk and spotting safeguarding trends. ensures a high quality and consistent learning experience in any scenario, all without having to switch platforms between classroom and home (less CPD, one solution for use everywhere!). Easy to set up, configure and manage, it virtually takes care of itself – and more importantly, it’s simple for teachers to use.


Formats/platforms: works across a full mix of devices including Windows, Chromebooks, Mac, Android and iOS. The teachers’ devices only require a supported browser such as Google, Microsoft Edge or Opera.

The Admin Portal supports Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.


Primary URL


Problem solved:

Teach in any learning environment​

Designed with flexibility in mind, ensures schools are future-proofed for any learning scenario – whether it’s in school, remote, or a hybrid of both. Teachers can manage students using Windows, Chromebooks, Android, Mac and iOS devices.

Create a safe learning environment at all times​’s new online safety toolkit helps keep the online environment safe and secure at all times, by monitoring concerning activity, identifying students at risk and spotting concerning trends. Its powerful tools are perfect for helping inform any school’s online safety strategy/policies and meeting the latest requirements.

Keeping students focused

Teachers can monitor or lock students’ screens, block webcam use and control sound levels from the student’s device for maximum focus while they explain the lesson activity. They can also keep students focused with ‘allowed’ and ‘restricted’ website/application lists and control USB usage to ensure they can only access relevant and appropriate material during class.

Easy to use

Developed with the help of teachers, is the easiest online platform teachers will ever use – helping schools to maximise their edtech and reduce the stress for teachers having to learn new technology.


Grade/age range:



Subject/topic: can be used for all subjects/classes where the teacher uses technology to enhance teaching.


Pricing model:

There is one fixed price per device, per year and no hidden costs or extra charges. For details, see


Additional products:

An optional Technician’s toolkit is coming soon!

What makes unique? 

The contextual intelligence-based Risk Index helps schools to determine the severity of triggered events, ensuring they can quickly and easily identify and support vulnerable students.

It works like this: The Risk Index assesses the context and history of a student’s current activities (the device used, time of day, websites visited and applications used) and considers them alongside any previous alerts they may have triggered. From this information, it creates a risk index number that is applied to the event. So, if a student has repeatedly researched an online safety topic (e.g. suicide) out of hours, in an unmonitored setting such as the library, a high risk index could result. A lower index rating could come from a student searching a lower risk keyword in a local application during school hours that may have been used for curriculum topics. provides the platform for schools to deliver technology-enhanced teaching for a variety of classes and abilities.

Independent product evaluator, Education Alliance Finland (EAF), reported that: “The platform is visually appealing and simple. Surveys and chat are easy-to-use tools for group communication.” And “…The guidance tools the teacher has are especially great for special education – control of the screen, quick launch and other tools make it possible to help students, who might struggle in focusing or who need help in accessing suitable resources.”

In their evaluation process, scored:

  • 94% in pedagogical approach
  • 90% in learning goals
  • 4.07 out of 5 in learning engagement.



One of the biggest issues with technology adoption is how easy something is for teachers to use in the classroom. Not with! It’s designed, tried, and tested with teachers, to ensure its simple-to-use interface makes delivering teaching activities stress-free. It’s easy to open up a specific web page for learners or see what students are up to on an easy-to-view dashboard with a few clicks.

That’s why our schools love it: we focus our attention on the features that matter, making sure that the solution is easy to navigate, manage and use. employs ‘user roles’. This means that each member of staff can be assigned a user role, ensuring just the features relevant to them are available.

In addition, for accessibility, also includes Windows 10 “Dark Mode” support, allowing users to personalise their view.


Here’s what users are saying:

“Being able to see what my students are seeing helps bridge the huge gap created by pandemic teaching. It has become an indispensable tool for navigation, troubleshooting, and of course, keeping kids on task.”

--Erica Smith, Sixth-grade Teacher, California’s Ready Springs School

“Frankly, your software/interface is so incredibly well thought out & simple, the setup and deployment was not hard at all!”

--Peter Wilson, Network Manager, Pool Academy

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