Codelicious offers a customizable turnkey computer science curriculum for grades K-12

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Codelicious offers a K-12 computer science curriculum aligned to state and national computer science standards. Differentiated by grade level and continuously updated to reflect changes in the field of computer science, Codelicious goes beyond programming by offering courses that encompass coding, unplugged, digital citizenship, and STEM careers.

Designed to be taught by any teacher regardless of their previous experience with computer science, Codelicious offers all the hardware integrations and tools necessary to develop, pace, staff, and integrate a full-year computer science curriculum. Courses can be customized for each school or district’s instructional strategy, whether that means incorporating computer science into an existing class period, adding it to a center rotation, or introducing it as a standalone class.



Codelicious is browser-based, teacher-facing, and works with any internet-connected device. A teacher needs access to the internet to sign in to their Codelicious Canvas account and access the curriculum.

Students do not access the curriculum directly. The platforms used by students throughout the curriculum, and their access requirements, depend on the course and student hardware (Mac, iPad, or Chromebook).


Primary URL:


Problem solved:

Codelicious allows districts to bring computer science education to their students even if they don’t have computer science experts on staff.


Grade/age range:

Codelicious is designed for use in grades K-12.



Codelicious is mapped to national and state computer science standards.


Lesson time needed:

The lesson time required for Codelicious varies. It can be used as a standalone class, as an activity in a center rotation model, or anywhere in between, depending on your district’s needs.


Pricing model:

All curriculum pricing is based on a per-building annual subscription license with no student or teacher seat license limits, so when you purchase a course for the year it can be taught by every teacher in a building to every student in that building. Multi-year discounts are available on a case-by-case basis.