College Interactive’s CiCompass and CiEngage mobile app solutions offered to help High Schools and Colleges move quickly and easily to virtual counseling and admissions communications.

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FREE- Mobile App Engagement and Communication Resources for High Schools & Colleges

Boston, MA March 25, 2020 - College Interactive has announced today the availability of their two enterprise solutions to high schools and colleges to support the need for expanded communication and engagement capabilities in the wake of the current health crisis in the United States. “We realize both high schools and colleges are facing mounting challenges and working hard to quickly adapt to the unexpected and immediate need to move to a 100% virtual learning, communications, and student engagement environment”, says Rob Feldman, Founder and CEO.

Now more than ever before, high school counselors need the right tools to monitor their students’ progress and success, communicate effectively, and deliver relevant content and resources through an app experience. The Ci mobile app has been used by students across 37,000 high schools. Equally impactful is the abrupt loss of all face-to-face college admissions engagements such as campus visits, high school visits, college tours, off-campus information sessions, orientations and admitted student events. “Colleges need the right tools and virtual experiences to meet their enrollment goals not only for the Fall 2020 class, but to start connecting with rising high school seniors who are beginning to explore their choices for Fall 2021”, says Feldman.

“As schools and colleges navigate this immediate shift in their communication strategy, we felt it was necessary to provide school districts and colleges the tools they need to create and maintain close connections to their current and prospective students. The good news is that we live in a time where technology can provide the support needed to move things quickly into meaningful and collaborative digital experiences”, shared Feldman.

With the free CiCompass platform, high school administrators, and counselors can:
Quickly create and deploy an app experience for the entire high school community, and seamlessly move counseling plans into a comprehensive mobile app experience. Counselors are synced with their students and gain full visibility into every students’ progress, with customizable digital roadmaps. The app is configurable and managed through a web dashboard, and puts all the tools and resources into the palms of every students’ hand. School administrators and counselors can deploy messages, post videos, assignments and resources to both students and parents. The app can be used by any department or student organization as well, creating a community experience.

With the free CiEngage platform admissions recruitment professionals can:
Provide prospective students finger-tip accessible information through configurable custom profiles, tools to navigate their programs, admissions process and deadlines, view virtual tours, and allow their admissions counselors to chat one-on-one with candidates. Also through the app experience, students can share their intentions, interests, and personas in interactive experiences, providing colleges deep insight into candidates. This attitudinal and behavioral data is used to further personalize the experience, from the very top of the recruitment funnel, through enrollment. Student success coaches can also take advantage of the platform, to more effectively manage and engage with actively enrolled students. Our digital roadmap helps coaches monitor and stay in close contact at all times.

Schools and colleges can request a meeting or access to the platform by contacting us at:


About College Interactive

The Ci app was created to provide a meaningful and personalized experience for “digital age” college bound students, their counselors and colleges to more effectively connect and collaborate on their path to higher education. We all know that “GenZ” is mobile only - engage with them in an app experience on College Interactive.

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