A Complete Curriculum Management Platform Featuring Tools for Collaboration and Professional Learning

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Based on the Understanding by Design (UbD) 2.0 framework, Eduplanet21 is a complete curriculum-management platform designed to make in-house curriculum creation a breeze.

With its latest update, version 5.0, Eduplanet21 has added a macro design feature that allows schools and districts to create a blueprint of overarching goals, offering visibility into defined outcomes that every teacher within the organization should be working towards. With the new macro design feature, districts can answer questions such as:

  • Are we intentionally teaching to and assessing for all priority standards?
  • Do we have alignment vertically in all grades and subjects?
  • What are our common assessments?


Eduplanet21 has also added a new professional learning module, Institute Builder, that amplifies the effects of their Learning Paths by including the option to add discussions, resource libraries, and increased collaboration and communication.. Other updates to Institutes, which are compilations of related professional learning content, such as courses, discussion boards, and resources, include:


  • PLUS Institutes, specialized collections of pre-developed, customizable content from world-renowned education authors;
  • Customizable resource libraries;
  • Live chat; and
  • Global and school-wide discussions.


As a result of these updates, districts will be able to provide teachers with highly collaborative, topic-based, online professional learning networks and empower them to engage with each other in real time.

Formats/platforms are used:

Eduplanet21 is a Web-based solution, available via any Internet-connected device.


Primary website’s URL:



Problem Solved:

Eduplanet21 makes it seamless for schools or districts to create their own curriculum. With guided unit planning, collaboration tools, embedded customizable professional development resources, and macro design features, creating an effective curriculum without gaps or redundancies is easier than ever.


Grade or age range:

Eduplanet21 is appropriate for designing curriculum for all grades, K-12.


Core or supplemental:

Eduplanet21 is appropriate for designing core curriculum, as well as curriculum for students with special needs. Eduplanet21 also offers targeted and customizable professional development related to curriculum design.



Eduplanet21 allows educators to align curriculum to the Common Core State Standards and individual state standards, as well as other outcomes, such as those for 21st Century Skills and Habits of Mind, among others.


Lesson time needed:

Eduplanet21 helps teachers craft lessons as efficiently as possible and does not require any lesson time.


Pricing model:

Eduplanet21 is subscription-based and varies by services selected.


What makes Eduplanet21 unique?

Eduplanet21 is a complete curriculum management platform, integrating curriculum design tools, a full suite of professional learning resources including individual customizable learning paths, and collaboration tools. It is also the only technology vendor licensed for the Understanding by Design 2.0 framework.



Eduplanet21 is designed to work with the Understanding by Design 2.0 framework.


Additional services:

Every Eduplanet21 district has a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to ensure that specific goals are met. The CSM will work with the district from the beginning of the relationship to personalize the implementation, configuration, and success benchmarks to best meet needs.

The CSM will identify the district’s goals, determine a definition of success and build a personalized, actionable, and measurable plan. Throughout the year, the district will receive success checks to review progress, analyze curriculum and professional learning.






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