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Research shows that social-emotional learning (SEL) is crucial for children to become successful socially and academically. SEL programs in schools help to improve students’ behavior, attitudes about school, emotional well-being, and academic performance.

Speech-Language Pathologist Brittany Brunell developed Everyday Speech to bring innovative technology and video content into SEL. Everyday Speech has developed a Social Learning Platform that provides the most comprehensive video-based SEL curriculum in preK-12 education. The online platform provides easy access to more than 1,000 resources, including hundreds of video modeling lessons, printable activities, and online games. Video modeling is an evidence-based practice that teaches social skills through videos showing someone performing that skill. The videos on the Social Learning Platform cover dozens of crucial SEL skills, from problem-solving and conversation skills to emotional recognition and self-regulation.

Everyday Speech’s solutions combine research with simple and effective tools and materials for school-based professionals, private practices and organizations, and parents. The SEL curriculum can be used with individuals, groups or an entire class, and it supports all types of educators, from SLPs and board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) to guidance counselors and parents.



The Social Learning Platform can be used on any computer, laptop or iPad. It runs entirely in the web browser or iPad app so there is nothing to install. Teachers can also download the videos for offline video viewing for instruction on-the-go.


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Problems solved:

While the value of SEL is clear to the majority of preK-12 educators, it can be difficult to source and access research-based SEL strategies and resources. Teachers spend hours searching the web for SEL curriculum materials, pulling bits and pieces from multiple resources, and compiling it all into lessons and activities for their students. Even still, it can be nearly impossible to find resources that actually engage students, including learners who struggle with SEL skills or have special needs. Everyday Speech provides a Social Learning Platform with a comprehensive collection of research-based SEL lessons and resources that engage all types of learners from pre-K through high school. In addition, with three levels of content for different skill levels, educators can quickly find relevant content for students of varying ages and ability levels.


Age range:

Learners from pre-K through high school


Special focus:

Everyday Speech addresses crucial social-emotional learning education for preK-12 students. The Social Learning Platform is designed for ease of use with all students, including individuals with social-emotional needs, such as those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Disorders, and Behavioral and Emotional Disorders. Additionally, the content available on the Social Learning Platform is engaging for every student, including students with special needs.



Everyday Speech supports social-emotional learning (SEL) skills.


Prep time needed:

All materials come with instructions, supporting visuals, and follow up activities, making every lesson truly no-prep.


Pricing model:
Subscriptions starting at $24.99 a month or $199.99 per school year per user.


What makes Everyday Speech unique?

Everyday Speech is a leader in social-emotional skills education and has developed the most comprehensive video-based SEL curriculum in preK-12 education. The Social Learning Platform provides video lessons that utilize video modeling, which teaches social skills by showing someone perform the skill on screen. The video modeling lessons also incorporate thought bubbles and animations to offer a unique window into characters’ inner feelings, which helps students understand others better. The Social Learning Platform also offers no-prep lessons, with printable activities that correspond to video content.



An easy-to-use interface and advanced filtering tools allow teachers to quickly search by skill, goal, objective, age, level, and type of content so they can find exactly what they need for their students. The Social Learning Platform offers dozens of pre-made lesson bundles to walk educators through a skill from beginning to end, so they can spend less time searching for materials and prepping lessons, and more time teaching. Additionally, to help educators quickly get up to speed, the platform includes training videos with tips and ideas from Brunell.

The Social Learning Platform offers a dashboard personalized to each educator based on the materials they use. This makes it easy to jump back to recently viewed videos or goals, or the last place they were in the curriculum. Educators can also create and save their own playlists of content, or they can access guided lists to help them work toward specific SEL goals.


Here’s what users are saying:

“Everyday Speech makes lesson planning so much easier. Everything you need for social skills training is all in one place!”

--Vanessa Teasdell-Thornton, CCC-SLP, Anne Arundel County Public Schools


“The materials are always exceptional quality for students of all ages.”

--Alison G. Waldmann MS, CCC-SLP, Seagull Speech Services




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