The comprehensive edtech decision support system for district and state leaders.

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The comprehensive edtech decision support system for district and state leaders.


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LearnPlatform is a web-based platform that simply and effectively integrates with SIS and other school systems.




What does it help with?

LearnPlatform is a comprehensive edtech management system that enables educators and administrators to organize, streamline and rapidly analyze their classroom technology to improve instructional, operational and financial decisions.

  • Organize: Get a comprehensive (yet digestible) overview of the edtech tools in use in your district and more than 5,000 available tools, find out what needs these tools address and how effective they are, and manage all contracts in a single location.
  • Streamline: Save time and money, and achieve compliance in your education technology purchasing, implementation, evaluation and management processes. Ensure you get the best price and streamline vetting for student data privacy and interoperability.
  • Analyze: Through IMPACT™ Analytics, gain rapid, comprehensive insights into the way edtech tools are used and how effective they are — in a matter of minutes, not months — so you can make data-driven instructional and budget decisions.

For districts and learning organizations, LearnPlatform delivers a 9x average return on investment (ROI) and enables an average savings of 59 percent. It helps organizations with the following:

  • Contract management: With file storage and organization features, it’s simple to maintain current digital records and build a historical archive to develop institutional knowledge.
  • Dashboards and reports allow you to share data on all aspects of your complete edtech management platform, and manage roles with access and visibility based on your organizational structure and needs.
  • Pilots: Easily conduct, monitor and share edtech product trials from a central login.
  • Easily see pricing across your entire ecosystem, including unified contract data and network discounts.
  • Standardize RFI and RFP processes and parameters, achieving greater alignment with objectives, parameters and requirements.
  • Quickly scan the status of all edtech contracts and agreements, or review the details of each product in a single interface.

LearnPlatform addresses the key pain points of edtech management. It helps administrators answer some of their most pressing questions.

Edtech directors can answer:

  • What products are approved for student data privacy and interoperability?
  • How do I keep track of the end dates for my contracts or see if I have unpaid licenses?
  • Which products are being used and what do teachers think of them?
  • District and school administrators can answer:
    • Are we in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, including ESSA, Title I and state reporting?
    • How can edtech advance our overall strategy?
    • Which tools improve practice for our teachers and outcomes for our students?
    • Are we getting the best price for our edtech tools, and are we using what we paid for — the right amount and for the right purposes?


What grade and age range? 

LearnPlatform is for K-12 districts.


Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what?

LearnPlatform’s library of more than 5,000 tools supports comprehensive management of the technology an organization uses in all core and supplemental courses, tools used to support students with special needs, or those used for any other instructional purpose.


What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to?

LearnPlatform's IMPACT is aligned to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

IMPACT reporting allows administrators to analyze edtech use, achievement and costs to know what's working for students and which adjustments need to be made to improve results. In addition to informing critical implementation and instruction decisions to better meet desired outcomes, LearnPlatform’s automated research design aligns to evidentiary standards outlined to meet ESSA requirements, showing program effectiveness measurement with IMPACT rapid-cycle evaluation.

Needs assessment and ongoing implementation measurements are essential components of ESSA and Title I funding allocations. This reporting also meets state-level requirements, like those of LCAP in California and the Digital Learning Initiative in Utah.


What lesson time does it use?

LearnPlatform does not take any lesson time. It helps educators organize, streamline and analyze edtech for better decision-making regarding which tools to use, and enables schools and classrooms to use the tools that are most efficient, easiest to implement and, most importantly, deliver the best results.


What is the pricing model?

LearnPlatform is free for individual educators, who can sign up by visiting

Administrators can sign up for a complimentary Starter license, or contact the LearnPlatform team for more information regarding pricing models for districts and organizations. Schedule a demo or contact the team to learn more.


Are there services around it?

LearnPlatform’s team of educators, researchers and technologists offers support services to help leaders chart a path toward managing and measuring all facets of their organization’s edtech ecosystem to drive the best student outcomes while maximizing resources. Services include:

  • Professional Development — PD helps educators master the skill of effective edtech discovery, evaluation and data-driven decision-making. Focused on working within the platform, educators are able to grade, vet and provide valuable feedback on the edtech tools they use, while connecting with other educators across the country on the tools that make their classrooms a success everyday.
  • Consulting — Improve and align effective technology management from your classrooms to the boardroom. Whether it's baseline edtech audits, product pilots, impact evaluation and analysis, or procurement and renewal, LearnPlatform’s experts build your team's capacity to improve outcomes and budgets with custom service offerings.


What makes LearnPlatform unique?

LearnPlatform is the comprehensive edtech decision support system, providing unparalleled quantitative and qualitative insights that help districts fully manage edtech inventory, while also ensuring they stay aligned to all state and federal privacy regulations. The average district with 1,000+ students uses 548 different edtech tools every month, demonstrating the urgent need for excellent edtech management. LearnPlatform is the best system to help leaders organize, streamline and rapidly analyze this technology.

The measurable results LearnPlatform delivers for districts and organizations make it unique: the platform analyzes more than 75 million data points every day, delivers a 9x average ROI for organizations and enables an average savings of 59 percent. The platform’s IMPACT™ Analytics make it the only commercially available system directly aligned to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


Educator reviews:

“LearnPlatform helped us take control of our edtech management district-wide. It gave us a lot of the data we needed to support our edtech decisions, with regard to budgets and classroom use. We believed in tools like Discovery Ed, IXL Math, and Star Reading, and felt they were driving academic achievement for many of our students. With an edtech management system in place, we were able to see real analytics behind their use and justify the costs associated with each of them.”

Cynthia Altemueller, Chief Academic Officer, Elkin City Schools, NC, shared via eSchool News

"LearnPlatform gives teachers a great tool to quickly decide whether a digital tool is for them.” Elementary Teacher and Media Specialist, Underwood Elementary, Raleigh, NC

“LearnPlatform is necessary for any LEA making investments in technology and is a true game-changer.”

Coordinator of Digital Teaching and Learning, Utah State Board of Education

“Every year, schools and districts spend millions on products that don't move the needle for students. LearnPlatform is the right solution, with the right team, to help us solve this massive problem."

Former Procurement Chief, Chicago Public Schools



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