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One of the great things about our Lunch and Learn presentations is that it gives the Leaning Counsel the opportunity to recommend products, services and assets that our school districts and independent schools need. In this presentation, you’ll hear from Rick Griencewic, Senior Product Manager and Security, at HP, and Josh Ratliff, Professional Learning Specialist at Trafera. Their topic, Computing Power Users, is particularly relevant now.

According to Ratliff, “We can have all the technology in the world. And I believe it's a critical component in a modern learning experience. But if we're not empowering educators to make an instructional shift with that technology, what are we doing? You know, we're just buying expensive paperweights. And for us, that's the worst-case scenario to introduce a lot of technology into a school district, and then for teaching to continue to go along the same path that it always has. We want to make sure that we're doing literally everything in our power to empower teachers to make that instructional shift. We measure success, not by how many devices we sell to schools, but by what students are doing with those devices that are transforming the learning experience.”

Griencewic sees challenges as well. “Not only 1.5 billion children have been impacted because of the pandemic, as many as 10% of the students have just ghosted. We can't find them. Here in Houston, that number is 15%. Not only are children being impacted from being able to learn whether it's from home, I think that we're seeing is, where did they go and how do we get them back? It presents a number of different challenges; the way we teach, the way we learn, that has changed as well.”

Don’t miss a moment of this fascinating and far-reaching discussion, from hardware to educational philosophy, you’ll learn a great deal that you can bring back to your learners at home.

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