Confronting the Bridge from High School to Higher Ed

Dr. Adrian Sannier speaks on curricular solutions for high schools to prepare students for college

The Learning Counsel met up with Dr. Adrian Sannier in San Diego to talk about the digital revolution and the collaborations taking place between K-12 and higher ed.

“We are confronting the bridge from high school to higher ed,” said Dr. Sannier. “We need to find curricular solutions aimed at courses in the space between high school and college and bridge that divide. Then we need to move that into high schools so students are gotten college ready in time to cross that threshold and move straight into higher ed. The solutions in this space are being made possible with new technology, the internet and the cloud.”

Adrian Sannier is the Chief Academic Technology Officer for ASU Online and a Professor of Practice in the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Engineering at Arizona State University. He is part of the ASU team pursuing an ambitious program of general education reform that Inside Higher Education called "ground zero for data-driven teaching in higher education", combining Big Data, social networking, and evidence based instruction to drive better student outcomes at scale.

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