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MeTEOR Education launches training and coaching services to increase retention, comprehension and learning outcomes for students

MeTEOR Education (, a leading designer of inquiry-based, modern learning environments, is expanding its trademarked High-Impact Learning Experiences™ approach to school and classroom design with the launch of its onsite and web-based training and coaching services.

Using research-driven, comprehensive learning environment design, build, and implementation services, MeTEOR is the first company to help educators "connect the dots" where physical settings—complete with modern chairs, desks and technology—are integrated with strategic, best practice teaching methods to achieve appreciably greater student learning experiences. These high-impact designs have led to measurable increases in basic literacy, collaborative learning, and complexity of student tasks at all grade levels.

“Research shows that inquiry-based learning in high-impact classrooms can increase learning outcomes by 20 percent or more,” said CEO Bill Latham, co-author of the book Humanizing the Education Machine: How to Create Schools That Turn Disengaged Kids Into Inspired Learners. “MeTEOR is setting a new course to help administrators, teachers, and students maximize educational spaces and then turn those spaces into transformative experiences within the context of 21st Century learning. We’re inspiring and supporting communities and their students in their missions to create unrivalled learning experiences.”

Led by “learning experience teams,” the company’s newly-launched MeTEOR Connect™ Web-based education services support includes short videos, discussion guides and other materials that help educators maximize their new environments to best fit their unique curriculum offerings. Through its continuous environment support, MeTEOR provides regular best practice research combined with case studies, videos, and web-based professional development. Real-life video case studies let teachers see “actual classrooms” with live teachers—moving beyond “kids in rows” to real world, inquiry-based collaboration.

MeTEOR also offers Post-Occupancy Training & Coaching that incorporates onsite, tailored training and coaching on effective classroom environment usage. Other key topics include how to make sense of modern environments; pragmatic best practices for modern learning environments; and mobility for differentiation and personalization. Consultants with deep curricular expertise are also available to tailor support for specific classrooms, including Mathematics, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and other disciplines like Makerspaces or Advanced Placement classes. These consultants even offer ways to maximize student satisfaction and learning opportunities in the school cafeteria and media centers.

“MeTEOR was born out of a desire -- really a need to help school and district leaders to focus on the strong interplay between best-practice pedagogy and supportive, living learning spaces,” Latham explains. “We won’t be satisfied just selling ‘cool stuff’ to our clients. We’ll walk with them through the journey of change by guiding, training, and coaching their teams to achieve visible results with their students.”

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