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Edlio offers the most comprehensive and easy-to-use communication package for school and district administrators, teachers, and parents. Powering over 10,000 school and district websites across North America, Edlio’s content management system (CMS) connects K-12 educators with their communities. Each website features a beautiful design showcasing the organization’s brand and teacher-focused features for easy editing. Integrations with Google, Microsoft Office365, Facebook, Twitter, and student information systems connect the tools educators love to the CMS, and a robust form builder with a payments add-on option streamline enrollment and fundraising. With an experienced team of designers and engineers, Edlio creates websites that are always accessible, secure, and responsive.



Platform(s) used:

The Edlio CMS is their own proprietary platform.


Primary URL:


Problem solved:

The Edlio CMS helps administrators and staff boost parent engagement, increase enrollment, and connect their education community. Say goodbye to forgotten deadlines and lost papers with a responsive website that’s accessible to all.


Primary users:

Administrators (webmasters, marketing/communications professionals, principals), teachers, and staff in K-12 education.


Audience served:

Accessibility: Edlio is committed to providing a platform for accessible websites that meet Section 508 guidelines and Level AA conformance to WCAG 2.1. Their CMS has built-in tools like alt text requirement, automatic closed captions, and “skip to main content” navigation codes. Edlio is also now offering the AudioEye Ally Managed Service to Edlio clients to help them take a more proactive approach to removing access barriers.

Edlio’s professional development package helps admins and staff maximize utilization of the Edlio ecosystem, drive enrollment, develop communication strategies, and tap into local knowledge and expertise of their expert team.


Time needed:

Edlio websites are unique to each school or district, but they have refined the process to launch within a few weeks. Once the site is up, updating content takes just a couple of minutes, accessed through the CMS on any browser 24/7. Edlio support is available for more complex updates to the site and responds to support tickets typically within 24 hours.


Pricing models:

The Edlio CMS is an annual subscription, with a small setup fee to launch a website with a unique design. Annual fees vary based on the type of school and the enrollment for the school or district. Edlio’s complete communication package is competitively priced and removes the need for multiple communication tools.


Additional services:

Each website includes your own design and migration plan from your current provider. No need for any offsite hosting or even a domain—Edlio takes care of all of that. The Edlio CMS includes an email sender, online forms, social media manager, and teacher and class subscriptions that make it more than just a website. Edlio’s consultative support and monthly webinar series are also included to ensure you get the most out of your website.


What makes Edilo unique?

Edlio stands out from the competition because they don’t make you choose between a stunning website design, competitive pricing, stellar customer service, and robust function.



Edlio’s CMS is proprietary but is built for easy content management. Simply log in and post or update your content. No coding knowledge is required, and both the website and the CMS admin are fully responsive and easily navigated on mobile. Edlio follows W3C standards for fast websites and WCAG 2.1 for accessibility. Designs follow best practices for an optimal user experience for the editors at the school and the families at home.


User Feedback

"We recently made the switch to Edlio and I'm now wondering what took us so long! They provide an amazingly rich and easy-to-navigate website that helps us better engage current families, as well as with outreach and marketing to new prospective families. The back-end features many robust tools and integrations, like a social media manager, e-forms & payments, calendar & teacher page subscriptions, voice + text, and many more...We at New Orleans College wholeheartedly recommend Edlio to other schools looking to boost parent engagement, reach prospective families, and streamline communications!"

—Troave Profice, director of communications and recruitment at New Orleans College Prep (NOLA College Prep)


“Over the years, Edlio has provided exemplary customer service and quality product in order to give our school one of the best websites in education...We appreciate that Edlio is always evolving and growing its product. I would encourage anyone to explore the different options, but I am certain they will find that Edlio’s technology, service, and commitment to innovation will come at a fraction of the price of the competition”

—Allison Bergeron, director of planned giving and major gifts officer at Mater Dei High School


"Edlio is the best product on the market for school websites. Their user interface is easy to use for our teachers and the integration with Google Classrooms makes it a no brainer for any educator. I think graphically Edlio is hands down better than any developer in the market and I love the features they have that add to the ease of use. I am taking advantage of the forms, and when my district is ready, I can see us moving towards the text messaging features they offer."

—Jacob Berry, district webmaster at McAllen ISD


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