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Abre’s mission is to open learning communities by connecting what matters.

Through consolidated solutions and meaningful connections, Abre ignites the aha moments that open the future for the whole child and the community.

Abre grew from a need. As classrooms filled with Chromebooks and students had more access to EdTech, they noticed that many of the software solutions were messy.

Educators faced countless logins, siloed data, terrible UI/UX, and increasing confusion among different users. They were missing the simplicity. Abre wanted a one stop shop for Their learning community. So, they created it.


Formats/platforms used: 

Abre’s all-ON-one platform creates true simplicity and flexibility. Abre reduces a school’s tech stack by integrating solutions and breaking down silos. With Abre, everyone knows where to go to support stakeholder success.

Abre is a true education platform used to better manage and support schools, students, and families. With hundreds of thousands of happy users, we provide integrated solutions that address students’ needs within schools and outside of school.

The structure of Abre consists of three parts.


1. The Hub

The Hub is the core of the Abre Platform. Think of it as an operating system. Everything in Abre runs on the hub.

The hub features single sign-on, integrations, and communications.


2. Abre Apps

Abre Apps perform particular school functions. For example, the Assessment App runs, creates, and delivers assessments. The Plans App allows schools to develop education plans for students AND professional plans for teachers.

Abre has numerous apps that talk with each other and support many of the functions of the school and the community.


3. Abre Solutions

Apps are used collectively to provide particular solutions for schools. For example, a school district may want a solution for delivering professional development, tracking that development, and licensure renewal. 

Abre combines a number of Apps to provide that collective solution. 


Primary website’s URL: 


Problems solved:

Abre is in the business of solving problems. By solving problems, they help students grow, staff learn, and the community to engage in the education process.

They’re a comprehensive and flexible platform, solving many challenges. Here’s a list of ten problems they help solve:

  1. Abre provides an automatic landing page for your students, staff, and parents. From that landing page, they have a launch point to all of school.
  2. Abre collects and integrates data surrounding a student and presents the information in a beautiful and simple visual format. As a result, you can easily see outcomes or download the data for a deeper dive.
  3.  Teachers determine the websites to use with their class. Students open their devices and activate Focus, enter a Focus Code, and can only visit approved websites.
  4. Educators build online professional portfolios and their own PD growth plans. In effect, you can eliminate binders full of professional development plans and spreadsheets for tracking.
  5. With Abre, schools create self-paced and guided professional development courses complete with credit tracking, gamification, and badging. Schools can share courses with other schools, increasing collaboration. Lastly, courses can satisfy mandatory compliance training.
  6. Abre tracks behavior, integrates with state reporting systems, and provides insights for schools to improve school culture.
  7. With Abre, schools can create unified summative assessments. Schools can deliver assessments to students with a Focus code that presents their tests in a locked-down mode. Teachers, likewise, can create and give formative and summative assessments to their classes.
  8. Abre empowers curriculum leaders to create robust curriculum maps that can be shared with all staff. Additionally, they can collaborate with other districts to create and share curriculum. 
  9. Abre provides a simple process for creating and sharing student education plans.
  10. The Abre Hub provides the launch pad for communication announcements and a single access point for all third-party tools.


Grade/age range:



Does Abre support Social Emotional Needs?

Abre Aligns with 100% of CASEL Indicators

Pricing Models:

Abre’s flexible pricing model allows districts to use only what they need.


Characteristics: built a suite of software using App Engine and other Google Cloud products to provide educational solutions to meet the needs of the entire learning community. is an EdTech company that provides a software platform that centralizes all the tools to manage student information and learning management and for connecting students with programs they need in their community. A Google for Education Build Partner and Google Cloud Partner, is available on the Chromebook App Hub.

Schools and individual teachers adopt a variety of software. Software management has become integral to the successful use of technology in classrooms, but schools also have to consider teachers who might be less comfortable with technology.

“ was built with the goal of centralizing technology management in schools,” says James Stoffer, Chief Executive Officer of “Everything we do is built off of the simple question of how we can simplify software environments for schools.” devised a platform to consolidate and simplify software, centralizing data from different applications, and to integrate systems, reduce costs, and shorten the time to train teachers through an intuitive interface built using Google Material Design. The result is a platform that gives teachers, students, and families access to modern education software and saves time to focus on what matters most—teaching and learning. offers its flexible platform to address the unique challenges of school. After years of real-world testing in a single school district, the company knew it needed to scale to serve more educators and students.

The company’s all-in-one software platform supports activities both in and out of the classroom, including learning management, professional learning, and community engagement. is flexible, so it can be a one-stop shop for schools ready to consolidate their software, or solutions can be purchased individually.

All of the solutions offers provide fast implementation and familiar, simple interfaces to help teachers, students, and families focus on the task at hand rather than on the software.

“Teachers didn’t enter education to focus all of their time and effort on learning educational software—they did so to teach and enrich the lives of students,” says James. “Our approach is to give teachers tools that work quickly and support them rather than creating headaches.” offers a popular community engagement solution that helps to connect students with support programs from within both the community and the school. The solution tracks participation in these programs and measures student growth.

Integrating solutions that connect teachers, students, families, and the community while securely providing the right people visibility into a range of student data creates a greater likelihood of student success.


Here’s what users are saying:

“Abre is putting solutions in place where we have experienced age-old challenges and pain points.”

--David Knapp, Director of Technology and Principal, Loveland City Schools


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