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Website: Buncee.com

What does it help with?

Buncee is a tool that supports educators as they foster the 4 Cs of learning in students: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. With its ease-of-use, Buncee can be used by students of all abilities and ages as a tool to demonstrate learning acquisition and communicate stories. Students not only have fun throughout the creation process but are required to tap into their critical thinking and creative skills to appropriately apply their understanding.

Being a multi-purpose tool, Buncee has helped educators in a myriad of instructional models and lessons. Teachers integrate Buncee as a tool for individualized, differentiated instruction, language learning, special education, and lessons and projects for any subject. Buncee has been utilized as a classroom presentation tool for reviewing and introducing content, alternative book reports, research projects, digital storytelling, project-based learning, passion projects, genius hour and other modes of expressed student learning.

What grade and age range?  K-12  

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what?

Since Buncee provides a simple and easy to use blank canvas for students and educators of all ages, it can be utilized in core, supplemental, special needs, extracurricular, and professional development settings. Buncee also provides support for all types of learners with varying learning challenges by providing features such as Speech to Text Functionality, Text to Speech Functionality, the ability to record audio and video within the program, and alternative text can be inserted as an attribute in an HTML document to tell Web site viewers the nature or contents of an image.

What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to?

We support learning for all K-12 classrooms and content areas. We are also an ideal tool aligned with the ISTE Standards, as well as Common Core, 21st Century Skills, Future-Ready, and College/Career Readiness Skills. Additionally, we are aligned with the Common Core Media Arts Standards for communication, technology integration, and presentation.

What lesson time does it use?

This easy to use tool can be learned in 10 minutes or less, though planned lesson time varies due to the scope and sequence of the activity, assessment, or assignment the teacher is facilitating.

What is the pricing model?

The basic version is free. Paid versions consist of Buncee Classroom Lite ($100 a year for 50 students or less) and Classroom Plus ($200 a year for 150 students or less). These are good for individual classroom teachers and their students.

The Schools & Districts version is designed for an entire school or district and includes an administrative dashboard to manage users, permissions, and privacy settings; roster synchronization through Google Classroom or manual upload; custom domain; and custom graphics/images. Buncee Schools & Districts is a yearly subscription model, and the pricing is based on the number of teacher accounts.

What makes Buncee unique?

It is student-centered and incredibly easy to use. It allows students to simply click and drag any elements into their project. It includes over eight thousand student-friendly graphics and animations to allow students to demonstrate their comprehension in creative ways. The ability to record audio and video directly into the tool is a unique feature which allows for further personalization and empowerment of student voice. Additionally, students are able to add QR codes, upload their own multimedia from their computer or integrate pictures, YouTube videos, and other third-party providers from directly within the app, ensuring student safety and preventing them from having to go into the unchartered territory of other sites on the internet.

Educators can also develop media-rich assignments that accommodate flipped classrooms and differentiated instruction — all while empowering students to actively communicate their learning. The final product can be published on all social media channels, shared through email, and accessed online. Buncee is COPPA compliant and was awarded the iKeepSafe Privacy Safe Harbor Badge.


Teacher reviews:

Amber McCormick, K-5 Global Studies Teacher, Ridgeview Global Studies Academy

My students love Buncee because of the ease of it. They can find ALL the resources they are looking for: images, videos, sounds, animations, and text all in one safe search location. I also love that the sources are cited for all media used within the application.

I would recommend Buncee because it is a company that has literally put creativity back into the hands of students.  With such a huge focus on standardized testing, it is a breath of fresh air to allow students an opportunity to explore and learn with a platform such as Buncee. Kudos to the entire crew for being such a strong inspiration and influence in the education community.”


Bret Gosellin, ESL Teacher, Coppell ISD

“To present their [project] findings, I chose to use Buncee as their means of presentation. They LOVED it! Because the platform is so easy to use and provides a wide variety of professional grade visual resources in-house, they were immediately hooked and motivated to produce high-quality work. To guide their presentation making to even higher level of professionalism, I gave them an article that explains graphic design fundamentals to make sure that they were employing real-world presentation skills. When it came time to present, they had meaningful pieces that were planned and demonstrated work that they were truly proud of. Needless to say, so was I.”


Shannon McClintock Miller, Future Ready Librarians and Follett’s Project Spokesperson & Buncee’s Teacher Librarian Advisor

“Buncee is the perfect creation and presentation tool for Future Ready Librarians as they empower students to think about their learning as they create authentic, engaging digital products which can be shared safely within the walls of the school or with others around the world.”  

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