Credo unveils new features, interface to enhance exploratory search, invigorate library instruction

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Improvements strengthen students’ vocabulary building capabilities, plus increase research relevancy

Credo, the industry leader for information literacy, critical thinking, and research solutions,  announced today it is introducing several new and updated features to its popular Credo Online Reference Service, the only publisher-neutral reference platform designed intentionally as the starting point for research.

The enhancements include a new interface designed to improve search results and a revitalized Mind Map subject-visualization tool to help students orient to their topics faster, discover background information more efficiently, and explore related concepts and keywords without becoming overwhelmed.

Credo’s improved interface now offers:

  • an entirely new, intuitively designed browsing experience;
  • quick views of research articles;
  • more ways to refine search results;
  • a Mind Map now based on concepts, not entries, and has breadcrumb trails for easy past visualization retrieval; and
  • books as search results.

“We reached out to our librarian partners as well as student users to see where we needed to address research needs in our platform,” said Ian Singer, Chief Content Officer for Credo. “Credo Online Reference Service is now a customer-designed platform due to the great feedback we received, and were able to realize in our efforts to enhance the research process.”

“The Mind Map and the new Related Searches are great ways for students to zero in on a research topic and discover keywords for further exploration,” Singer continued, “and as importantly, the new features and updates make the platform an even easier, more intuitive tool for librarians to use in their research instruction sessions.”

Credo will be offering a “walk through” of the new user interface at 11 a.m. EDT on Monday, Aug. 22. To register, visit this link. (

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