CrisisGo Announces New Mental Health And Behavioral Risk Platform

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CrisisGo’s Safety iBeacon unites behavioral risk assessment, reporting, and intervention tools in a single solution.

CrisisGo, a leading provider in emergency communications, incident management, and student/staff health management, announce their industry-leading toolset for behavioral, discipline, and threat assessment teams, along with mental health staff management and human resources. Providing the tools to accelerate the early identification of those in need of support and allowing your teams to quickly assess and manage many cases simultaneously. Our easy-to-use platform expands your organization's capacity to support your stakeholder's mental health needs while proactively creating a safe, positive, and supportive school and organizational culture.

  • Survey students, staff, and employees to address the root cause of concerns.
  • Early identification of those in need of mental health support.
  • Electronic scheduling of intelligent surveys and universal mental health screenings.
  • Simple dashboard to monitor progress, communication reports, and automatic report escalation.
  • Utilize all communication methods to collect tips via anonymous real-time two-way reporting, including in apps, webpage, emails, surveys, and others.

"The launch of Safety iBeacon is an opportunity to continue our mission of getting students and staff safely to school, supported, protected, and returned home safely. iBeacon promotes proactive social-emotional engagement with stakeholders while also giving the school staff the tools for effective case management, assessments, and safety plans. Expecting social-emotional support needs will increase due to the pandemic, Safety iBeacon has never been more important.", said Jim Spicuzza, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at CrisisGo.

As we navigate the storm together and deal with the after-effects of COVID-19, student, staff, and employee mental health risks have never been higher. Safety iBeacon provides a comprehensive digital platform for all mental health risks, impossible with a paper-based process. Our digital tools help proactively communicate and engage in risk discovery from behavior and discipline issues to violent threats against themselves or others.

  • Supported by all national assessment models or available to build your own.
  • Integrated with district directory services and information systems to improve accuracy and ease.
  • FERPA and HIPPA compliant.

Join CrisisGo's webcast on Wednesday, March 31st at 1:00 PM CT, “Permission Slip for a New Perspective: An Open Dialogue on Mental Health,” to learn about Safety iBeacon and how the vital tool is playing a role in defining the future around the mental health stigma using a positive, proactive, holistic approach. Register to attend:


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