Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready® Ideas Community Supports and Connects Teachers Using i-Ready

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New forum allows teachers to access–and share their own–best practices and resources for engaging students with i-Ready

Curriculum Associates recently launched i-Ready® Ideas to provide teachers with an online, community-driven forum where they can view and share best-practice tips and resources for using i-Ready, the award-winning online assessment and instruction program. This new forum will include images, videos, and downloadable resources to help teachers engage students, explore the use of data, and use i-Ready with greater fidelity in their Reading and Mathematics classrooms.

“We wanted a way for our large and growing community of educators to easily share the ways they are using i-Ready to drive student gains,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “With i-Ready Ideas, we’ve provided a forum for curating these great ideas, helping teachers learn from and inspire one another.” 

Teachers can explore a wide range of topics in i-Ready Ideas, from ways to celebrate student success, share i-Ready data to facilitate conversations with students about goal setting, and to promoting the growth mindset. All the resources are tagged by keyword, grade level, and roles for easy searching and filtering by the user. In addition to teacher-submitted resources, i-Ready Ideas includes a curated collection of resources compiled by Curriculum Associates. The forum is designed to allow educators to easily share all of the resources via their social media channels. 

To visit i-Ready Ideas and submit resources, educators can access the portal via or through Educators are also encouraged to share their i-Ready resources and best practices via social media using #MyiReady. 

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