databot™ - Capturing and visualizing data has never been easier, smarter, or more fun!

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Meet databot™ – one tiny, brilliant cube packed with high-tech, science exploration fun. Databot™ fits in the palm of your hand and collects information from built-in and external sensors that measure motion, temperature, altitude, acceleration, humidity, air quality, magnetic fields, and more! Data streams instantly to a one-touch smart-app that delivers engaging experiments in science, coding, and technology for every learning environment imaginable including science classrooms (grades 4+), CTE programs, Makerspaces, and after-school programs. databot™ is a super easy-to-use product empowering you and your students to explore Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science and the Environment through engaging, sensor-based experiments. Going beyond science, databot™ is fully programmable and customizable for engineering, coding, robotics, and other STEM activities as well. Never has exploring the hidden world of data been easier, more affordable, or more fun!


Formats/platforms used:

APP: IOS, Android, Chromebooks running Android For coding and STEM the programming software is MacOS or Windows. Easily exports data for importing into Excel, Sheets, Numbers, etc.


Primary website’s URL:


Problem solved:

This highly versatile product addresses two separate use cases in schools. 1) Science education for grades 4-12: databot enables students and educators to easily record and visualize scientific data in physics, chemistry, life science, earth science, and environmental activities; 2) CTE and STEM education: databot is fully programmable, hackable, and adaptable for physical computing, design challenges, and robotics integrations.


Grades and/or age ranges:

Grades 4-12


Does databot address core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development?

Directly supports core NGSS standards and the 4th NGSS practice of gathering and interpreting data. Excellent STEM/CTE product for coding, physical computing, robotics, and design challenges.


Subject/standards mapped to:

NGSS: Physics, Earth Science, Life Science, Chemistry


Lesson time needed:

Curriculum modules are designed around a standard classroom period of 50 minutes and can be extended for longer periods. Modules also include short, five to 15-minute activities that can be used to quickly highlight and reinforce concepts.


Pricing model:

$179.99 individual kits; $1750 for a class pack of ten.


Additional products/services needed:



What makes databot unique?

databot™ is unique due to its extraordinary versatility and application across multiple grade levels, science disciplines, and environments. For a fraction of the cost required to equip a classroom with this variety of sensors, educators can now explore all the core sciences as well as a variety of STEM and engineering topics with one compact, low-cost, device.



databot™enables one-touch ease-of-use through its app and hardware design. Simply turn on databot™, launch the app, and select the experiment from the app menu. Adding new experiments is a snap using QR codes, so adding new lessons can be done with a simple scan. Exporting data for use in other software such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or others is literally a few clicks away. Exported data can be emailed, air-dropped, texted, or dropped onto a Google Drive. The driving design dynamic behind the databot™experience was simplicity and approachability. Let’s make interacting with data fun, simple, engaging, and beautiful.


Here’s what users are saying:

“databot™’s versatility and unique design allow us to use it in several courses (especially in an era of tight budgets), testing a variety of phenomena from VOC's to acceleration. Its features allow students to have the flexibility to design their own experiments. This provides an opportunity for them to deviate from the experimental "recipe" format that impedes the innovation and critical thinking needed to be successful in the STEM fields. databot™ provides students the opportunity to be practitioners of science. Collecting data, identifying trends, deriving conclusions, and developing hypothetical applications can be done more pragmatically with this device."

--Ken Hosier, Science Chair, The Ambrose School in Meridian, Idaho


“From Package to Learning in Minutes! Having worked with many technical devices over the years, the ease and versatility of the databot™ is what stands out the most! It took only minutes from when I opened the box until I had completed my first experiment! The interface between the Phyphox app and the databot™ is very intuitive and seamless. Turn it on, open the app, run your experiment… it’s that simple!! Retrieving the data from the device is a snap as well. With the push of a button, you can export the data to analyze and explore on several platforms! databot™ has also created a durable device. It is very robust in its construction yet lightweight and compact enough to handle pretty much any experiment you can dream up! Finally, the website has colorful and rich lessons which really let the databot™shine! Teachers love devices that are easy to use and deliver the goods and the databot™ and its developers have done exactly that!"

--Jonathan Long, PS-21 / Math Teacher, Garden Spot Middle School, ELANCO School District in New Holland, PA

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