Dictionary.com Announces Expanded Products to Help Users Adapt and Enjoy Learning for Today

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Updates Include New Product Suite, Branding, and App Features

In celebration of Dictionary Day, Dictionary.com today announced several new initiatives to provide users access to an unparalleled slate of resources and expertise on language. Dictionary Academy Tutors™and My Word List will launch on Dictionary.com, along with a new suite of products on Thesaurus.com, including Grammar Coach™ and Synonym of the Day. These updates help users better navigate the evolving landscape of language and learning in today’s fast-changing world.

 “Our new product launches are the latest step in evolving and adjusting to the ever-changing world of language and education for today,” said Jennifer Steeves-Kiss, CEO, Dictionary.com. “Our brands go beyond definitions and synonyms—we are the dictionary of the future. We do more than document language as it evolves; we strive to meet our user needs as their lives are changing. We now provide a portal into writing, games, education—all packaged in a new look and more personalized user experience with an amazing new array of products.”

 Product Launches:

  • Dictionary Academy Tutors™: Coming this month, Dictionary Academy Tutors helps parents and students by offering online tutoring services tailored to learners’ needs. This will provide assistance to parents that now have more responsibility to complement distance learning with additional activities. The Academy features two offerings for age groups Kindergarten through high school. There are small group sessions with teacher-curated content, using Dictionary.com’s personalized learning tools such as Word List, Grammar Coach, and Quizzes. Dictionary.com’s tutoring service also offers 1 on 1 help on any subject with individualized attention, when a crowded online classroom isn't enough. Each tutor must meet the company’s strict requirements including a thorough background check and extensive teacher-led training.  
  • Grammar Coach™: To celebrate Dictionary Day, Dictionary.com is offering premium Grammar Coach features for free for the rest of October. This robust new writing tool pairs the company’s world class linguist-curated synonyms with cutting edge machine learning algorithms to provide users customized recommendations based on the context of their writing. Grammar Coach offers spelling and grammar check, synonym suggestions, and sentiment analysis, as well features such as tone, formality, and engagement, to help users hone their writing skills — be it in essays, emails, cover letters, or any of the thousands of other places where they use words every day. On average, Grammar Coach™beta users have spent more than three hours per session honing their skills.
  • My Word ListUsers can create their own Word Lists by saving a word from both Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com to review at any time. Learners, parents, and educators can now easily save words and learn about them in a one-stop shop. The feature provides quick and easy access to learn both definitions and synonyms on the words saved.
  • Synonym of the Day: Thesaurus.com has unveiled Synonym of the Day, a counterpart to the popular Dictionary.com Word of the Day feature, providing users with a daily means to learn not just new words but smarter, more eloquent ways to use them. Synonym of the Day helps users make better choices about words for more effective communication. No two words are exactly alike, and Synonym of the Day offers a closer look at the nuances and differences in meaning and usage between synonyms, giving users the tools they need to get it right.

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