A digital portfolio for students to create, share and showcase their smarts

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Format: web-based platform

Website:  www.bulbapp.com

What does it help with?

As students consider college and career readiness, it can be overwhelming to think of the competition, but digital portfolio’s provide new options and ways for students to set themselves apart from other applicants by showcasing qualitative attributes. Colleges and universities are getting more strategic, so they look at more than the quantitative measures of GPA/SAT/ACT in their admissions process.

One standout digital portfolio option is “Bulb.” This web-based student/teacher tool allows the user to embed any number of multimedia assets, including .MOV, PDF, Excel, BMP, GIF, JPG, MP4, PNG, etc.  

What grade and age range?  

A digital portfolio is appropriate for any age, but mostly 6th-12th-graders would find bulb compelling. Per their own provided information, studies show digital portfolios can increase student GPA by up to 10%.

What is the pricing model?

$9/user/year for bulb. Additionally, bulbSchool is priced based on district size.

What makes bulb unique?

Bulb is purpose-built for education.

  • Use Easily: Simple drag-and-drop tools and an Intuitive and easy-to-use interface increase adoption and usage.
  • Embed Multimedia Assets: Users can upload images, videos, and presentations (Prezi, Flickr, PowerPoint), as well as Word, PDF, Excel, and Google Drive files.
  • Focus on Learning. Users are not distracted by overwhelming choices in arrangement and format, but stay focused on curating content.
  • Train Educators and Students: bulb offers education onboarding and professional development customized for educators and students that they can take with them after gradution.

Showcasing work instills ownership, encourages assessment, refines understanding, and builds lifelong learning habits. bulb lets users share their voice and contribute to the global conversation while finding true purpose in their learning and gaining confidence in who they are. bulb is also their very own; it’s always with students so they can always refine and refresh work throughout their education and beyond.

Administrator Testimonials and Case Study:

“One of the first things we noticed is that bulb had a very slick design, was very easy to use, and worked very well on our student devices, it gave us what we really wanted, which is to have an outward-facing portfolio that kids could take with them. It's able to accept all those file types and put them in an order that looks nice and pleasant when you're actually looking at it as an end user.”

-Carl Hooker, Director of Innovative and Digital Learning

Eanes ISD, Austin TX

Link to Eanes ISD Case study: https://www.bulbapp.com/u/bulb-district-case-study~2

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