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Storyboard That helps build critical thinking skills, communication through storytelling, sequencing, creativity, timelines, understanding characters, and organization of ideas, stories, vocabulary and more.

Students and teachers alike can create storyboards and comics as well as narratives, infographics, and composite images without having to draw. A wide variety of customizable art assets – characters, scenes, items, speech bubbles – are available for whatever can be imagined. The Storyboard Creator uses a drag and drop interface where images are added to a cell or frame and manipulated to create custom masterpieces.

What grade and age range?

K-12; best for 3rd grade and up

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what?

It is a supplemental tool, but also perfect for special needs, and extracurricular. Storyboard That is relevant to all subjects. Teaching resources mapped to Common Core Standards

What lesson time does it use?

Creation time depends on length and complexity of project, but a three-cell storyboard can typically be completed in 20 minutes or less.

What is the pricing model?

Subscription-based model. School licensing options based on number of teachers or number of students. More information can be found here: or email at for a quote

Are there services around it?

They offer free demos, webinars, and any other onboarding help for teachers, schools, and districts. They also have videos to get everyone started.

What instructional design principles are at work here?

Storyboarding can be used in multiple areas of instruction, including presenting information, assessing student understanding/performance, and encouraging increased retention through student critical thinking and creativity.

Teacher reviews:

Rachelle Dene Poth, Foreign Language Teacher, Riverview Junior/Senior High School, PA:

I really like how Storyboard That offers possibilities not only for education but for anyone wanting to convey information, tell a story or even create greetings, in a visually engaging way. As an educator, I love seeing what my students create using Storyboard That because it is full of choices and leads to creativity and fosters innovation in designing their Storyboard. Students are empowered in the learning process, and with so many choices, they can create something that meets their interests, have fun and use their imagination to bring their stories to life.

When students create with Storyboard That, they have endless possibilities for designing something that will be authentic and represent their interests and promote creativity. There are thousands of choices available for creating with Storyboard That which leads to greater student engagement and retention of the content, because they design a more meaningful representation of what they have learned and have fun in the process.

Ashley Grim, Technology Specialist, Ceres Unified School District, CA:

The user-friendly features of Storyboard That make it one of the most engaging tools used in our district. Students can apply their learning and demonstrate higher level thinking through the creation various storyboards. There are not many tools out there that are appropriate for all students in grades K-12, but Storyboard That works for every grade and with all content.

Mrs.Regina McCurdy, Science Teacher, Milwee Middle School:

"I believe the first time I discovered was while searching for a digital comic strip making tool for my students. I'm always looking for practical and engaging digital resources for student projects and assignments. Since beginning to use, I've had my students use it as a creative platform for specific assignments. I've set up each of my classes and helped each student get signed up during class several months ago. Because I can see their storyboards, I noticed one of my students used her account to build a storyboard for another class, which is great! I have also used it to design graphic organizers to present content, printing off blank copies so students can take notes and keep in their notebooks. Aside from the seemingly endless features available, I also appreciate the many ways the storyboards can be saved, embedded and made accessible in so many platforms: PowerPoint, Sway, images, PDF, slideshows, etc. Teachers can add directions for an assignment, access Rubrics for storyboards, and access reports on student usage. I have been spreading the word to my co-workers about the lesson plans that are standards-based all ready for teachers to use and implement into their classrooms.”

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