Digital Supplemental Program for Fractions that Blends Adaptive Learning with Interactive Storytelling

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Digital supplemental program for fractions that blends adaptive learning with interactive storytelling


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What does it help with?


Understanding fractions.  A research team led by Carnegie Mellon University’s Robert Siegler found that 5th graders’ understanding of fractions is the single greatest predictor of high school math achievement.

But many students struggle with fractions.  By including story-driven instruction blended with a 1:1 tutor-like experience, Amplify Fractions engages students while help to improve learning outcomes.  

What grade and age range?  3-6

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what?


What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to?

Amplify Fractions’ lessons are aligned to educational standards, including the Common Core Math Standards, as well as other state standards. Along with our interactive lessons, there are unlimited practice problems that are designed to help students with each required standard.

What lesson time does it use?

Teachers are using the program inside the classroom as part of rotational center times, as well as whole group instruction.  The program is also used once a week for skills reinforcement during computer lab or media center time. 

What is the pricing model?

Exact pricing varies depending on the needs of the school. To learn more about the program and its pricing, contact us at

Are there services around it?  No

What makes Amplify Fractions unique?

Amplify Fractions includes both instruction and practice to engage students in learning fractions. Through offbeat stories, lessons present fractions with purpose, real-world context AND humor.  Feedback is personalized through a “digital tutor”, a patented experience that gives students feedback right there on their screen via voice and writing. Practice is adaptive and unlimited. Our teachers have confirmed that the offbeat, humorous nature of Amplify Fractions’ stories “super-engages” and actually excites their students to learn fractions.


A description of the characteristics--how is it designed for user interface, user experience? What instructional design principles are at work here?

Amplify Fractions has been designed using some of the most foundational and research-based pedagogical strategies. Amplify Fractions includes unprecedented personalized feedback to each student and how they’re thinking about the math, as well as story-driven instruction that keeps students engaged and motivated. The scope and sequence covers everything fractions, tied to learning progressions of conceptual understanding as well as standards.


Teacher reviews:

Teacher name, position, school

Rebecca Gilbreath-Levan, 4th grade teacher, Double Churches Elementary School, Columbus, GA

“Fractions are one of the most difficult concepts for students. With Amplify Fractions, I found a program that actually excites my students to want to learn and practice fractions. Students remembered the characters and stories in the program, which is a great thing to fall back on to remember the concept.”


Teacher name, position, school

Jessica Conover, 4th grade math teacher, Roosevelt Elementary School, Manville NJ

“It’s hard to find a program that truly engages students with instruction.  I found it with Amplify Fractions.  To see how much my students enjoyed the program was amazing.   I can’t say enough about how excited my students were to watch and interact with the lessons, and ultimately want to learn fractions.

And I’ve seen a positive difference in my students’ fractions performance.  Even my most struggling students have started to understand fractions at a deeper level.”



Teacher name, position, school

Karen Bodin, 5-6th grade Gifted Specialist, Liberty Elementary School, Scottsdale, AZ

"My 6th graders are doing multiple step algebra questions - and as soon as they see fractions they freeze.  They are afraid of fractions, but Amplify Fractions has made them more comfortable with them."

I wish Amplify Fractions could be given to every 3rd grade student starting fractions.  Middle and high school math teachers would thank you if you send them students who used Amplify Fractions.”

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