Digital Transition Discussion Recap – San Antonio, TX January 15, 2019

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Doug Cauthen, Editor-in-Chief


The Learning Counsel event in San Antonio, TX started with a new Learning Counsel research-based market briefing covering the use and saturation of student devices, K12 hardware spend, teacher use of digital curriculum, policies in place, typical pedagogies, main inhibitors of transition, what other tech is being purchased and used, what the new trends are, what it means to redesign the whole organization digitally, and many other areas of the current education market. Throughout the day there were table workshops on various topics with peer discussions, plus presentations by local education executives, short show-and-tell moments from a handful of  vendors an open panel discussion at the end.

Learning Counsel was grateful to hear from these panelists in 2019:

Dr. Karla Burkholder, Director of Technology, Shertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD, San Antonio, TX

Becky Landa, Executive Director, Office of 21st Cenrtury Learning, San Antonio ISD, San Antonio, TX

Miriam Martinez, Consultant, Digital Age Learning, Education Service Center Region 20, San Antonio, TX

Dr. David Kafitz, who led the panel for the Learning Counsel asked,  “What excites you about the potential for the refocus on the student and effective instruction?” Becky Landa had this to say, “When we focus on the student, we are really looking at their untapped potential. So every time we start thinking about schools of innovation, the ideas that can float around, what could possibly be the school of the future is exciting.” Dr. Burkholder then added, “Back in the 90’s, I remember watching a presentation on student centered learning. So this is something that we have been talking about for a really long time. But now its really become our focus and that’s what’s exciting to me.”

Watch the highlights from the panel below and stay tuned for more event Recaps from the Learning Counsel’s tour of cities this Spring - coming soon.


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