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Doug Cauthen, Editor-in-Chief

Digital Transition Discussion Recap – New York, NY October 18, 2018


The Learning Counsel event in New York started with a new Learning Counsel market briefing covering the use of student devices, K12 hardware spend, teacher use of digital curriculum and many other areas of the current education market. Throughout the day there were workshops on data analytics, presentations by educators and vendors, with a panel discussion at the end. The panel consisted of:

Dr. Tova Ben-Dov, Superintendent, River Edge Public Schools

Denise Heitman, Principal, Cherry Hill School, River Edge Public Schools

Dr. David Kafitz led the panel for the Learning Counsel and he asked the panel, “with constant change occurring in education, what are you doing to address that and calm the waters?” Dr Ben-Dov had this to say, “One of the things we did early on, instead of just buying more equipment, was to address connectivity. Lack of connectivity was our disruption. So there wasn’t a single device purchased until we did something about the infrastructure.” She then added, “From the discussion today, I think everyone is very, very anxious to get to the point of having this proscriptive, predictive, fantastic data analytics that will not just tell us what the data IS, but tell us WHY.”

Watch the highlights from the panel below and stay tuned for more event Recaps from the Learning Counsel’s tour of cities this Fall - coming soon.


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